When it comes to innovative design RidgeMonkey is always at the forefront. It’s latest edition to the stable is the VRH300 USB-rechargeable headtorch, making fumbling around in the dark looking for batteries a thing of the past.

Making its debut launch into the world of terminal tackle, the innovative and dedicated team at RidgeMonkey is pleased to give us the very first look at an exciting new range of lines coming this season.

Ridge Monkey is delighted to announce that reigning Midlands and British Carp Cup Champions Callum Gutteridge and Karl Palmer have joined RidgeMonkey as part of our sponsored RidgeMonkey Pro team. The prolific pair are well respected on the carp match scene and have an enviable record in recent years, with outstanding results from all kinds of waters across the country.

About the appointment, Callum quoted “to be approached by a forward thinking company like RidgeMonkey is an absolute honour and they’re really looking forward to getting stuck in and working alongside the other RidgeMonkey Pros. they’ve seen first-hand that the company already has some very capable anglers on board so they’ll be doing our best to raise the bar even higher!!”

Karl added “I’ve used many RidgeMonkey items in recent years and they’ve all been top notch – I’ve recently spooled up with the RM-Tec Fluoro mainline and have been very impressed with its performance so far. Myself and Callum both just love getting out there and catching carp, regardless of size, and to receive the backing of a brand like RidgeMonkey is remarkable. They’ll be involved in the testing and development of the full RM-Tec range and have had a sneak preview of some of the items already, it’s fair to say we’re both very excited about what’s to come!!”

The DNA Baits backed pairing will be a big asset to the brand and will bring an intimate knowledge of big hit style carping to the ever expanding RM-Tec end tackle range. Welcome aboard fellas!!

RidgeMonkey are delighted to announce that long time carp angling pioneer Max Cottis has joined RidgeMonkey on a consultancy basis. Max first hit the headlines from the banks of Lac de St Cassien back in 1985 when he became the first English angler to land a 60lb+ carp and has been consistently catching huge fish both home and abroad ever since. Recently inducted into the Carp Talk Hall of Fame, he’s also been at the forefront of carp tackle development for over three decades and brings an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of the recreational angling industry.

Rainbow Common 72lb 08oz rm tc

About the appointment, Max quoted “During my 35 years in the fishing industry I’ve had the opportunity to join numerous teams and with the exception of Mainline I’ve always chosen to decline these offers. However, when the opportunity to join RidgeMonkey came along, I simply couldn’t turn it down. With my attention to detail and love of product design, the opportunity to work with the other talented RidgeMonkey Pro anglers with the development of their new terminal tackle was just too tempting! The future is very exciting and I’m very pleased to be part of it!”

Ever the gentleman, Max will be a huge asset to the brand as we expand our range in the future. His experience and knowledge of the equipment required by anglers of all abilities will be utilised to ensure that our forthcoming end tackle range is the very best that it can possibly be.

Boilie air-drying bag


Following the popularity of the original Sandwich Toaster, the dedicated team of forward thinkers have hit back with a couple of new releases and here’s what we thought. 





With bankside cuisine taking itself to new heights, I am seeing anglers take more and more cooking utensils, searching for the perfect à la carte meal. Well pots and pans are heavy but what about a pan that is cunningly two in one? 

Enter the Connect Combi Set. This specifically designed two-pan cook system is a lightweight die-cast aluminium construction with a fluoropolymer non-stick coating. This prevents your food sticking and when washing up, a simple damp cloth is all that's needed. Bonus!

Sturdy handles can be removed easily to aid a more compact pack down size, perfect for getting it in your existing cool or cook bag system.  

The pan can be utilised singularly with a lid, which is perfect for locking in that all-important heat to ensure a thorough cooking process while retaining flavour and moisture. However, by simply unhooking the pan you now have a dual set. A segmented compartment on the other side means you can keep items such as eggs or beans separate from your meat, or if a vegetarian option is preferred you can now cook for your culinary-challenged angling friend while you gorge on a big fat steak. 

The Combi Set is available in both silver and black, so you can tie it in with your existing cooking utensils.



RIDGEMONKEY BLACK PAN 01 TC Review march 17 

£16.99 and £24.99 

“So what’s so different?” I hear you scream. Well the Deep Fill Sandwich Toaster has had a revamp. Still available in standard and XL, they are now finished in this rather attractive near-black coloration. 

The handles have also received attention, now sporting a stylish embossed RidgeMonkey logo and all-important remoulded non-slip finish. Also, and this is the biggest selling point in my honest opinion, after serious renegotiations with the supplier, RidgeMonkey is now proud to offer a full utensil set in every toaster at no extra cost. Now that's value for money! (DM)




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Unless you have been living in a cave for the last year you will either own or at least have eaten from a RidgeMonkey Sandwich Toaster. Well, for those wishing to take your culinary adventures to the next level it has designed a purpose-made cutlery set featuring spoon, slotted spoon, spatula and slotted spatula made form heat-resistant food-grade nylon and comes complete in a storage tray that neatly fits inside the toaster, taking up no extra space whatsoever. Available for both the standard and XXL, it’s about time you evolved your bankside cuisine to the next level

£6.99 to £8.99

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The duo adaptor features a bankstick thread and simple adaptor, allowing you to use the RidgeMonkey Bivvy Lite out on the bank to help illuminate your own self-take catch shots, or even if you fancy shedding some light on the social. Following the popularity of the GoPro buzz they also have an attachment for this too; you are guaranteed to get the perfect angle when returning fish or for whatever carpy video you are looking to record. The Bivvy Lite has had a great reception and if like me you have managed to lose the metal plate do not panic, you can now seamlessly attach these to the ribs of your bivvy or brolly by another simple little clamp it has on offer. (DM)

£7.99 and up


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We first saw this at the Tackle & Guns Trade Show when it was shown for the first time. Essentially, it’s a unit that attaches to the top of RidgeMonkey’s Modular Bucket, and allows you to chop boilies in seconds.
The rugged build and huge ‘teeth’ make light work of even frozen baits and all you have to do is put them in, close the lid and turn the handle. I don’t imagine I’d ever take one of these on the bank because it’s a bit big and I like to travel as light as possible, but plenty of you reading this will. For me, however, it would be ideal for chopping baits prior to trips. (MC)

£11.99 (not including the bucket)


Terms and conditions apply

I’m a huge fan of this one, and use it for my fishing, as do most of the TC staff in fact. For me, the main feature is the remote control (don’t worry, there is still a manual switch if you lose your remote), which makes it even more versatile than just a bivvy light. This is especially relevant since the launch of the recent accessories that allow it to attach to banksticks, bivvy poles and suchlike to make an ideal outdoor light. This can be a godsend when taking night-time catch pics. As a bivvy light, I like the twin brightness red and white light modes and love the fact that the back is magnetic and attached to the inner of my bivvy via the metal plate that is provided. I find it hard to mark this one down in any areas, but have remained fair in all areas. There’s no charge output, unlike some others, and while I don’t care about this personally, credit is due to those lights that do have this additional feature. It’s also the most expensive, but it is remote controlled, unlike any others. Overall, it’s the best on test in my opinion.




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