Families are being encouraged to give the kids something excitingly different to do this half term by taking them fishing… for free! In recent years the late October weather has been great, and the warm memories of fun fishing will last through the colder months of the winter ahead, and longer. Best of all – it won’t cost a penny!

The special promotion is part of the annual Take A Friend Fishing (TAFF) campaign, organised and run by the Angling Trades Association in partnership with the Environment Agency and supported by Angling Trust fishery members and individual fishery venues.

It’s easy to participate - cut out or print off the rod licence voucher, fill in your contact details, validate it online at www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk, read the Terms and Conditions, grab your fishing tackle and the voucher, and go fishing with a family member or a friend.

To ‘Take your kids fishing for free’ between 14th October and midnight 29th October 2017, download the voucher from: http://www.takeafriendfishing.co.uk/offers/free-rod-licence-voucher/

All children aged between 12 and 16 can now enjoy a free rod licence to fish in still waters, rivers and streams. Parents can register their children for a FREE licence at www.gov.uk/fishing-licences/buy-a-fishing-licence. Children under the age of 12 can still fish for free without a rod licence. 

Another £320,000 is being made available this summer to the Angling Improvement Fund (AIF) to support angling facilities and access improvements on rivers and at angling venues around the country!

The latest government statistics show that angling participation has increased over the last 12 months as anglers head out to the banks more often.

The Active People Survey is carried out by Sport England to establish how many people are participating in sport. The survey, looks at all sports, including angling, as part of the government drive to keep people engaged in sporting activity. 164,500 anglers were canvassed as part of the regular study to find out how often people go fishing and what their background is.

For the past two years, the survey has revealed that angling participation has been dropping but had a turn this year and has shown an up-lift in the figures and the frequency that people are “getting out there”.

“We’re really pleased that the figures are on the up. Increased promotions, more awareness of the sport across the national press and TV, improving facilities, good weather plus a number of participation campaigns and initiatives are all contributing to the increase” announced Rob Hughes, Promotions Officer at the Angling Trust, the National Governing Body and the organisation responsible for the promotion and protection of angling in the UK.

“It’s well proven that angling is great for mindfulness, health and well-being, and is quite simply just a brilliant thing to do. Getting out into nature and enjoying time in the outdoors free of hassle and stress, is clearly ticking more people’s boxes. With increased competition for time across the whole spectrum of leisure and social activity, to see angling participation increasing is a great thing to see”.

Angling continues to be one of the largest participant sports in the UK and the increase is a welcome sign to both angling and the government alike.


Extracts from report

Angling participation has stabilised following 2 years of drops. Participation has increased slightly in the last 6 months for 26+

Disability angling participation has stabilised over the past year following a succession of drops in the 2 years prior. Participation has increased slightly by 4,000 in the last 6 months!





The Angling Trust is warning all anglers NOT to buy their licence from the commercial fishingrodlicence.com web site, unless they want to pay an unnecessary extra charge of £14 for checking over their application.

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