The RNLI has launched a campaign to help you stay safe if and when you fall into the water, below are some ways that will help you.


Respect the Water wherever you are!

What do you do if you see someone in trouble in the water?


All too often, people’s first instinct is to go into the water. As a result, too many people drown trying to save others or their pets.

If you see someone in danger of drowning at the coast, dial 999 or 112 and ask for the coastguard straight away. Look for something that floats or that they can hold on to and throw it out to them.


Helping you stay safe -



Go to a lifeguarded beach and swim between the red and yellow flags.

Before going into the sea, consider your ability and the conditions; swimming in the sea is very different to swimming in a pool.

When you enter the water, take time to acclimatise to the temperature.

Have someone watching you from the beach and make sure they are able to call for help.




When you are near open water, keep away from the edge, stick to designated paths and look out for safety signs.

Keep clear of uneven, unstable or slippery ground.

Avoid walking alone or at night, and always carry a means of calling for help.

If you are exploring the coastline, always get local advice on the tide to make sure you don’t get cut off.




Carry a means of calling for help in case you do end up in trouble.

Wear an appropriate flotation device, such as a lifejacket or buoyancy aid – it could save your life.

If you are going out alone, tell someone ashore your plans and what time you expect to be back.



How to float


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Since it began on 22nd July, National Fishing Month (NFM) 2017 has proved to be a major attraction at events throughout the country. One of the first took place in Northlands Country Park, Basildon, on a typical British summer’s day (glorious sun and then showers) where nearly 70 people tried angling for the first time. The event was staged in partnership with Basildon Carnival Festival, and it allowed visitors to explore a variety of aspects of fishing - including bait techniques and pond dipping - to inspire them to become more active and try angling. 

The highlight of second weekend of NFM was the traditional showcase event which took place at The Game Fair, held this year at Hatfield House, Hatfield. Over 500 riverside coaching sessions were delivered by members of the Professional Anglers Association (PAA) and the Game Angling Instructors’ Association (GAIA). There were many joyous, smiling faces as first-time anglers caught some outstanding fish, including carp and pike. The National Fishing Month display tent area included demonstrations of fly tying, rig building, lure fishing techniques and cooking your catch, all aspects of which were crowd pulling and highly entertaining. 

The stand was also visited by a number of dignitaries and celebrities including Nigel Farage MEP and JB, from band JLS. They both thanked everyone for their hard work in raising the awareness of the health and social inclusion benefits of angling, and expressed their belief that initiatives like National Fishing Month which help get more kids and their families into fishing were fabulous.

The ‘Lets Fish’ campaign, run in conjunction with NFM by The Canal and River Trust, has already recorded a number of successful events at the start of their fishing programme. John Ellis, Fisheries Manager said: ‘We’ve had a cracking start to this year’s events with some great attendance figures.

Feedback from people taking part has already clearly indicated the joy of participants at learning the angling basics under expert guidance: ‘What a brilliant session, which my son really enjoyed – his first experience of fishing and he will definitely try it again’; ‘The girls enjoyed it so much we actually went the next day too! We have bought the girls some simple rods and hope to take them again over the next few weeks.’ ‘Many thanks to you all to making their time so enjoyable- they were thrilled and now are even keener to take it up properly.’

man and child and fish

Thanks to the headline sponsorship support from tackle manufacturers Daiwa, Pure Fishing and Leeda – all members of NFM organisers the Angling Trades Association – National Fishing Month continues to be an overwhelming success. Along with the support received from the Environment Agency, the Angling Trust, the Canal and River Trust, Angling Cymru,

the PAA and GAIA, NFM 2017 is continuing to attract thousands of new people to the sport of angling.

There are still hundreds of other events across the country throughout August, and they are open to everyone. To find a NFM event near to you, visit www.nationalfishingmonth.com  

Another £320,000 is being made available this summer to the Angling Improvement Fund (AIF) to support angling facilities and access improvements on rivers and at angling venues around the country!

On Damsel Simon Chitty landed 3 to 16lb and Robert Prutton 2 to 18lb. Jamie Pullen bagged 7 to 22-06 including the orange koi at 10-02. James Nicholls 6 to 16-10 and 4 bream and Aiden Nicholls, aged 8, 3 to 14-10 his PB. John Brooks caught 2 to 12lb and a bream using his 'Distance Keeper'. Mark Hook caught 4 to 16lb and David Emery 2 to 20-04. Claire Gollick banked her PB at 16-13. Joe Doherty had 3 to 19-02 and Brain Mickleburgh a 19-12.

On Carp Lake Gary Hatchett netted a 20lb, Ben Carmichael 14 to 16lb. Dave and Danny Small 6 to 16lb, Ian Lefort an 18-12. Neal Clayton a 17lb. and Mark Trigg banked a 26lb 8oz on Urban baits in the margin. Steve Berrington had 2 twenties out midweek.

Becks fished well with Ben Carmichael taking 2 to 21-08 before he switched to Carp lake. Morgan Bingham came down from Hull with his dad and banked a 21-08 PB on his 11th birthday and Barry Evans 6 to 21lb. Ryan 4 to 10lb. Michael Horwood had a 14lb common, a 5lb tench and rudd on float fished maggot. Colin Horwood banked 4 carp to 15lb and 3 bream between 8lb and 10lb. Frank and Jamie each had a carp at 15lb and Martin Weemes 5 to 21-02 his PB. Carl Harvey caught 4 to 16-14 and a 7-02 bream. Katie King and her boyfriend had a good weekend Brett caught 3 commons to 17lb and Katie banked 5 to 16lb beating her PB twice. Luke Bowman bagged 6 carp to 22-08 and 2 tench.

Morgan Bingham 21 08 PB Becks July 29

Morgan Bingham

Winters is still consistently producing. Jae Stevens caught 2 to 16-08, Tony Virgo 3 to 15-10 and Josh Virgo the orange koi at 14-10 and a PB 24-10 common. Dave Hansen a 15lb Steve Last 3 to 16-10. Marcin Wozniak, his first time on Winters caught 5 to 24lb. Stefan Kirbyshire had 4 to 25lb on solid bags with Mainline Cell and a Cell wafter. Morgan Bacon on an overnighter on Thursday had 4 to 23-15 and caught The Zip at 26lb on Sunday evening. Stuart Minney spent a couple of evenings stalking and bagged a 16-08 mirror and a 31-05 common. Sam Kelly fished on July 27 and landed 8 fish, 6 of which were over 20lb, biggest 27-08 with Steve Kelly who had 6 fish, including 2 twenties, biggest 23-04.

Booneys was quieter this weekend with Jason Lawlor catching 2 to 20lb on Mad Baits Strawberry White pop ups. Graham Povey landed a 15lb common




RidgeMonkey are delighted to announce that long time carp angling pioneer Max Cottis has joined RidgeMonkey on a consultancy basis. Max first hit the headlines from the banks of Lac de St Cassien back in 1985 when he became the first English angler to land a 60lb+ carp and has been consistently catching huge fish both home and abroad ever since. Recently inducted into the Carp Talk Hall of Fame, he’s also been at the forefront of carp tackle development for over three decades and brings an enormous amount of experience in all aspects of the recreational angling industry.

Rainbow Common 72lb 08oz rm tc

About the appointment, Max quoted “During my 35 years in the fishing industry I’ve had the opportunity to join numerous teams and with the exception of Mainline I’ve always chosen to decline these offers. However, when the opportunity to join RidgeMonkey came along, I simply couldn’t turn it down. With my attention to detail and love of product design, the opportunity to work with the other talented RidgeMonkey Pro anglers with the development of their new terminal tackle was just too tempting! The future is very exciting and I’m very pleased to be part of it!”

Ever the gentleman, Max will be a huge asset to the brand as we expand our range in the future. His experience and knowledge of the equipment required by anglers of all abilities will be utilised to ensure that our forthcoming end tackle range is the very best that it can possibly be.

Solar Tackle Team member Jake Anderson has landed three near 40lb UK carp in one weekend from a Mid Kent Fisheries water, landing both of his target fish, and all while out testing some new bait samples for the first time.

Jake explains: “I arrived at the lake after work on Thursday afternoon for a 48-hour session. After choosing to fish a new swim, not the one I had been baited for the weekend, I baited with around 3Ž4 kilo of boilies over the two rods, the first time I’d been out with some new Quench bait samples that we’re working on at Solar Tackle. One rod was baited with an Aniseed & Bunspice pop up and the other a matching bottom bait tipped half a Quench Corker.

Quench Boilies TC Catch Report
Quench Boilies

“By Friday evening the rods had remained motionless, but I sat on my hands avoiding a recast. 4am on Saturday morning soon came and I was up drinking a cuppa and listening for any signs of carp out in the darkness, desperate to get on the fish if they gave themselves up. Just 30 minutes later my right-hand E.C.U alarm let out a series of bleeps followed by the rod hooping over. I lifted into what was obviously a heavy fish, it held deep and put up a good fight for around 15 minutes before finally hitting the net.

“I knew it was a good fish, but when I gazed into the mesh I saw the Upfront Fully sulking in the folds of the net. I couldn’t believe it, one of my main target fish for the year was mine. After help from Stuart Gray on the weighing, the needle settled on 39lb 7oz! What a result. With the photos done I cut my session short and packed up straight away so that after being away for 24hrs I could return earlier the next session and follow up on this result. The venue has a strict 48-hour rule.

The Upfront Fully TC Catch Report 3
The Upfront Fully

“Returning Sunday at around 11am I had a good look around and after an hour I pushed the barrow back to the swim where I had luck the previous trip. Twenty minutes after standing in the swim a fish crashed just half a rod length out in the margin to my right over some deep silt. I walked up the bank and under-arm flicked a bait into the rings left on the surface followed by 6 or 7 freebies, again using the Quench samples.

“Line sunk and alarm on, I readied the other rod and cast it back into position on the same spot that I landed the Upfront Fully from. Less than half hour after the margin rod was placed the alarm screamed and I learnt into a hard fighting carp. The fight was hectic and lasted a good 20 minutes before a fish I recognised broke the surface. It was one called ‘The One Pelvic Common’. The fish weighed in at 36lb 8oz and I couldn’t believe my luck. The rod was put back on the spot and I sat back waiting. 

One Pelvic Common TC Catch Report1
The One Pelvic Common

“Five hours past and my right-hand rod was away this time. A more dogged fight ensued and my heart was in my mouth as I saw another fully scaled twisting just under the surface. I started to shake as I knew what this one could be. I managed to net the fish and there lay The Big fully, my main target for 2017. A truly beautiful carp a little down in weight at 39lb 4oz, not that it mattered, I was ecstatic.”

Did you know that just about anybody can learn to fish? Fishing really is a four-season leisure pastime, and one of its joys is that in each season there are different and exciting fish to catch.

Fishing transports you to the heart of nature and the many, intriguing plants and animals that live there. By attending an organised event this summer during the National Fishing Month Silver Jubilee, you could experience the joys of fishing yourself.

Angling takes you into the fresh, unpolluted air, promoting healthy lung function and a sense of well-being. Recent research clearly shows that getting out on the bank can be good for you and the family. These health benefits also extend to the mind, and angling is well-known for its therapeutic, mental effects.   It really is a perfect hobby to get you away from the daily stresses faced by both time-poor adults and children growing up in the twenty first century.

Dean 2017 TC news

Dean Macey, Olympian and Big Fish Off presenter has no doubt about why he is an enthusiastic angler: “I have been fishing for as long as I can remember and wherever I go in the world, I will always bump into someone who also loves fishing. It’s such a great hobby - you get to spend time outdoors, appreciate Mother Nature, meet some great people and, if you’re lucky, witness some marvellous creatures at close hand.”

Dean continued: “When I was a kid, I found it hard to get my head around school work or any kind of discipline. If it wasn’t for fishing and athletics I dread to think where I would be right now. Between them, they gave me something to focus on and kept me off the streets.

“Throughout my athletics career, fishing helped me unwind mentally and I’m sure without it, I would have burnt myself out. Whether it’s a day on a river, sleeping under the stars on a stillwater for a few days or jumping on a plane to fuel my passion abroad, I don’t mind, I love it all.  That’s why I support National Fishing Month and urge everyone to get involved and take part. Everyone I have ever taken fishing has fallen in love with the sport. Give it a go - you owe it to yourself!”

It doesn’t matter what age you start. Children can take part on equal terms with their grandparents. You can fish alone, with friends or in an organised group for an hour or two or for a whole day – you have the freedom to choose.

Enjoy yourself this summer, get outdoors and get healthy - take part in a National Fishing Month registered event and follow thousands of young people, parents, grandparents and friends who enjoy quality family time together at the waterside over the holiday period. Book your place now at www.nationalfishingmonth.com.

For 25 years now, National Fishing Month has helped introduce nearly 300,000 people into the incredible sport of angling. It’s a hugely satisfying way to strengthen relationships and get active together, and it often leads to lasting participation in and a passion for angling.


National Fishing Month 2017 runs between 21st July and 3rd September.

It has been a very busy week at Manor Farm with lots of fish being caught...

On Damsel Lloyd and Karl bagged 2 x 20’s, 2 x mid doubles and 2 bream. Adam Foy landed 5 doubles. Danny Emery caught 3 to 18lb and his friend Henry one at 14lb. Also catching were Chris Hobbs with 2 to 15lb and Luke with one at 10lb. During the week Wayne Avis graced his net with a splendid 22lb common.


On Blunham Jake Cooper had 2 to 14lb. Francis Jervis had a break from carp fishing and enjoyed catching quality roach on the quiver tip. Many other anglers enjoyed good catches and carp can be seen cruising on the surface and will fall to floating baits.


Over on Booneys Richard McSweeney bagged 2 to 21-04 and Jordan Daniels caught 2 tench at 5.08 and 6.08. Gerry James stole the show on Booneys this weekend catching ‘Onescale at 35lbs, plus another 30 and one at 25. He was using Krill boilies and pink krill pop ups

On Winters Marc Jarvis caught 2 to 17lb while his friend Neil Barford bagged up with 7 to 22lb and a big roach with a taste for carp baits. He was using Manilla and Krill. Ross Burridge landed a 25lb, Adam Harris 2 to 24lb, Justin Clark bagged a common at 32lb,  2 mirrors at 24lb, and a nice scaley. Paulius 2 to 22-08 and Charlie Dormer bagged a 32lb mirror

Justin Clark 32lb Winters 9th April 2


Becks fished well with Bryan Vahey bagging 3 bream, 2 tench and 7 carp to 16lbs over the weekend. Daniel caught 3 to 13lb. Alan Calvert caught 8 commons to 19-12 and 1 bream. Also catching were Wayne Grant with 3 to 16lb and Darren Harris with an 18lb common. Paul McQueeny and Will Astell both enjoyed midweek catches.


Carp Lake has seen lots of action. Ed Clarke bagged 6 to 18lb. Jake Douglas 4 to 20lb. Liam Knight caught 3 20’s to 24lb and 2 mid doubles. Louis Slack had 4 to 21lb using solid bags. Chris Peacock 4 to 26lb and Carl Clark 7 to 25lb using Hydrabaits. Tom Moss caught 2 to 14lb and Carl and Lee Bunyan and Liam Rushton fishing together caught 13 to 24lb between them using chods and zigs. Liam Bagged up with 12 fish including 5 x 20’s to 25lb. During the week Anthony Draper caught 6 to 24lb with Mainline Cell on Chods.

Solar Tackle fieldtester Peter Zyla has kicked off his spring season in style with this awesome 46lb 9oz common.

Peter explains: "Outside the lovely, spring sunshine is shining, but this early in the season the water temperatures are still low. My target water is a shallow pit and so the weather affects the carp very quickly. Although the sun was shining, the temperatures were quite low for a few days, followed by a cold, easterly wind.

"Once the cold wind had died off though, I put my plan into action.

With the sun warming a particular, sheltered area of the lake in the morning, I headed to the lake in the early hours to be in prime position for dawn. The water here is a little deeper, and I presented Solar’s 14mm TunaMino test boilies and a Pink & White Top Banana pop-up over the top.

"In the early morning in the first rays of sunshine I got my first bite of the year. As soon as I picked up the rod I knew it was a decent fish. As the fish neared the margins, in the clear water, I saw the golden scales of a big common. As the fish slid into the net I was thrilled, as I knew I’d got my season off to a great start.

On the scales the fish went 46lb 9oz."

Order your Solar bait at www.solar24-7.co.uk

Fishery for sale through leading water specialists, Fenn Wright


Fenn Wright, the leading specialists in the sale of water related properties, are pleased to offer for sale; Dragonfly Fishery. The site is ideally situated in the heart of the beautiful Snowdonia National Park, on the outskirts of Cerrigydrudion village, just 12 miles from the popular town of Betws-y-Coed.

Dragonfly Fishery lake and bridge 3

With a guide price of £275,000, Dragonfly Fishery comprises of a well-stocked fly fishing lake extending to 1.1 acres, a retail building, a two-bedroom manager’s log cabin and a large car parking area. The overall property extends to four acres (1.6ha).

Fed from a natural spring and the Afon Nug brook, with an inlet and outlet, the lake features a central island, 16 pegs and depths from five to 17ft, and has previously been stocked with a variety of trout species. The fishing income has, to date, been derived from day tickets on both a ‘catch and keep’ and ‘catch and release’ basis.

Dragonfly Fishery retail building 1

The single storey retail building, which extends to (140m2 NIA) was constructed in 2011 and includes a fully equipped kitchen, office and toilets. The café has a capacity for 32 covers inside and 20 outside, and to the front provides parking for a minimum of 15 vehicles. The retail area has also been used to sell fishing tackle, local produce as well as garden and home accessories. The manager’s accommodation which is a former park home log cabin comprises of two bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen/living area.     

The site also includes a plant nursery, equipped with polytunnels as well as two six meters long raceways used for rearing and holding trout, prior to stocking.

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