Every now and again we have a publicity-shy guest who catches a Carp which I would really like to share with you. Just recently we had one of these guests, a very good angler, who happened to have the brace of the year from Cherry Lake.

Mr ‘X’ landed two fabulous Carp amongst a catch of 6 Carp. The biggest fish, a fantastic Mirror, is the biggest Carp caught from Cherry Lake this year at 39-02. This Carp was caught by Wayne Box in early April at 36-10. She has obviously recovered well from spawning and has continued to grow. It looks like it will be a toss up between this Mirror, and the Common known as ‘The Patch’ which was last out at 38-04 to Bradley Palmer in October, as to which will be the first to break the 40lb barrier and possibly break the current Cherry Lake record of 40-04.

Mr ‘X’ was however not satisfied with catching the biggest Carp of the year. He also set a new Cherry Lake record for a Ghost Carp of 36-02. This Ghost Carp was the previous lake record holder for a ‘Ghostie’ at 34lb. She has also been doing well and putting on weight. Well done Mr ‘X’

The new Cherry Lake Ghost Carp record. Mr X with a 36 02 Ghost Mirror 600x400

We have 3 different Ghost Carp over 30lb. I am not sure how many UK venues can say this…..but we at Cherry Lakes are very proud to do so.

Just in case anyone is not sure of the weights of these particular Carp. I can confirm that fishery manager Dave Bowen weighed the fish personally as well as took the photos.

As regular followers of these updates know, we have over the course of 2017, had 17 different Carp landed, weighed and photographed properly at over 30lb. Indeed during the last few weeks we have had 4 different Carp landed over 35lb.

We believe, based both on the growth rates (which are undoubtedly helped by our on-going feeding programme) that we have been seeing, that Cherry Lake currently holds in excess of 20 Carp over the magic 30lb mark. The fact there are several known ’30′s’ which are not included within the list of 17 caught in 2017 gives us real hope that we can still get to that target of 20 this year but we will need help! Unfortunately however looking at the diary, we are very quiet for the month between 24 November and 22 December. Unless I get some help and bookings pick up, we will fall short of this target.

So to encourage anglers to come to Cherry Lake during this period (24 November to 22 December which I accept can be the most difficult of the winter) and help us get to this ’20 over 30′ mark in 2017, we are cutting our prices. We are also offering late booking discounts before this date on Cherry Lake.

If you visit during this period of 24 November to 22 December  for either a Monday to Friday or Friday to Monday then the cost to hire the Lodge for up to 2 people including one angler is £295. We are also offering late booking discounts up to 24 November on Cherry Lake. If you fancy a crack at a winter 30, then please call us on 01285 869887.


Book here - http://www.cherrylakes.co.uk/

Solar Tackle team member Julien Porquet has landed this impressive chunk of a mirror that tipped the scales at 50lb. No stranger to big carp, this is the Calais-based angler’s third 50lb+ carp since May of this year.

There was a chill wind blowing at Manor Farm this weekend and a few leaves turning yellow but anglers were still enjoying sport.

On Damsel, Chesa Claudiu banked a 17lb a 20lb and several bream to 9lb. Jay Burton a 14lb while Sam and Neil Sibley had 3 to 22-06 from the margin.

On Carp Lake, Andrew Dorrington caught a 19lb common. Richard Pigram a 16lb common using a krill pop up on a chod. Chris Buckland had 2 to 15lb. Stan 2 to 19lb, Paul had a 18lb mirror, Simon Chitty 2 to 21lb and Mark Hook 2 to 14-08. Phil Grimshaw caught a 17lb common and Lloyd Chapman a 14lb common. James Cowling 2 commons to 21lb from the margin. Steven Freear bagged up with 10 to 21-11 and a 6-02 tench.

On Becks, Sam and Dan had 5 between them to 15lb, Rob McDonald a 12lb common and a 4lb tench to a solid bag in the margin. Leigh Amer a 15lber and a 18lber. Shaun had a 16lber and Neil sewell a 22-05

On Canal, Paul Hutchins was catching plenty of carp around the 6lb mark in the margin.

On Winters, Tony banked a 15-08 and a 29lb common. Reffa 3 mid doubles and Paul a 18lb and a 22lb. During the week Jonny Fromant landed his PB mirror with a nice scaley at 20-12

On Booneys, Dean Hilton caught a 14-08 common to a method feeder fished over to the reeds from The Point swim. Coming down from Southport Jake Turner landed a 21lb fish and Josh Harvery had 3 to 18lb. Josh Virgo banked a 22lb common and a 23lb mirror, his friend Oli Fisher had a 24-10 common. Ross Sterwart a 16lb common. David Byrnes at the north end a 29-04 common to krill.


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Solar Tackle is pleased to announce the signing of Dave Wood to the Solar Tackle team. The 29-year-old fishery manager from Surry already has a well-earned reputation for successfully targeting

big carp, and is particularly good at succeeding on tricky venues with short sessions.


Commenting on joining the Solar Tackle team Dave said: "I've got a long association with Solar Tackle and Founder Martin Locke ever since working for Martin for brief spell after I left Sparsholt

College.  "I'm thrilled to be part of the close-nit Solar team and having seen the new projects that are coming from the Solar camp, not least the Originals baits, I'm excited to be part of it.”

One of Europe’s most prolific big carp anglers is back at Solar Tackle as Arjen Uitbeijerse rejoins the Solar team.

Well-known for targeting, and catching, some of Europe’s biggest carp, Arjen has one of the most impressive catch records of any carp angler. With a PB of 91lb, the famous Scar Fish from Les Graviers, and with 9 carp over 77lb to his name including The Brown Fish, Perfect Common, Scarface, Ten Scale, The Pig, Big Common, Red Belly, Long common to name a few, and as editor and owner of Spiegel Magazine Arjen is truly a big-carp specialist.

Having spent 3 years as part of the Solar Team previously, Arjen is returning after a short time away. Having seen the projects in the pipeline at Solar Tackle and with the imminent re-launch of The Originals bait range, it’s no coincidence that Arjen’s timing is perfect and, along with the other team members, Arjen will form a key part of the Solar family as the UK brand pushes forward like never before.

Having officially joined the Solar Team Arjen is currently 3 days in to a session at Feuilette in France using the soon-to-be-released Originals boilies. His current tally is 20 carp, with some being over 50lb. In fact he’s landed 9 to nearly 60lb in just 6 hours!

Commenting on the sponsorship Arjen said; “I’m thrilled to be back on board with Solar, and particularly to be using the Solar baits again. Behind the scenes the plans for the future are huge, both short term and long term, and it’ll be great to part of this given my past ties with the Solar brand and my long-standing friendship with Solar Tackle founder Martin Locke.

Arjen Uitbeijerse and Martin Locke Back together again

“I’ve got some tough lakes in my sights for the coming months, most of which are new venues for me, so I can’t wait to get out there and really put the new baits to best effect.”

Watch this space, and Solar Tackle’s online platforms for plenty of impressive catch reports, videos and more from Arjen.

48-hours on the Waesmere syndicate in Belgium has seen Solar Tackle team member Alain Servaes enjoy 7 takes, with a 32lb mirror and a true ‘old character’ fish tipping the haul before ending the trip in a heart-stopping fashion as he put Solar's Originals Club Mix boilies to great use.

Alain explains: “I arrived at the lake on Monday evening to be told that there had been a social on the lake for the past 3 days and from the 11 anglers only 3 carp were caught. The lake can be very tricky nowadays and so I planned to try something a bit different. Most fish at range, and so I was going to target some margin spots. 

Old character
Old character 

“I positioned two rods on two clear areas in the margins. Hook baits were Originals Club Mix boilies and matching freebies were spread over both spots too.
“At first light came the first bite. A crazy, close-range battle resulted in a 32lb mirror… what a start!

32lb mirror 2

“The day passed quietly until dusk when one of the rods ripped off, but within seconds the fish had found its way in to some sunken trees and it was game over. I topped the spot up with more club Mix boilies and an hour later my rod was away again. It wasn’t the biggest carp in the lake at around the mid twenty mark, but it’s certainly one of the oldest and a great character.

“In a repeat performance, the following day passed without event. With the onset of evening, the rain started to fall heavily. Almost the moment the rain stopped, a couple of hours later, I was in again and quickly landed a small common. The landing net had barely touched the ground again when the second rod tore off and one of the lake’s younger stockies paid me a visit.

“Again, the spots were rebaited with Club Mix boilies and first light brought another bite, this time from a 20lb common, which was quickly followed by another take, and another 20lb common.

20lb common

“Please with my result and needing to get back to work I started to pack up when I got a screaming take. I picked up the rod, but couldn’t stop the fish as it tried to empty the spool. A fun, powerful fight, but the big sturgeon responsible wasn’t exactly what I was after. Even so, it was a hectic way to end the session.”

This awesome 44lb mirror has graced Solar Tackle team member Wesley Lagaert's net as he presented an Originals Club Mix bottom bait and Candy Floss pop-up snowman presentation over a bed of Originals Club Mix and Red Herring boilies.

Fishing an overnighter on the Integra syndicate water in Belgium Wesley had pre-baited a clear area among weed the night before his session.

Club Mix Originals 31

The Originals bait range will be re-released by Solar at the start of September.

A chilly autumnal day on Saturday followed hot late summer sun on Sunday and Monday gave mixed results at Manor Farm this Bank Holiday weekend.

On Damsel, Jack Oakins caught bream and carp to 14-08, Michael Bundy 2 carp to 17lb. Louis Andrews and Anthony Eldridge banked 8 to 20lb and Neil Sewell a 18lb common. Fishing together Sven Anderson banked 4 mid doubles, Chris Guymer 5 to 15lb and Luke Hipgrave 11 to 15lb including the orange koi. Matthew Cornwell banked his UK PB at 22-08 on a Mainline Tutti Fruitti.Graham Bateman and Jason McArdle banked 10 fish between them up to 23lb, one at 10lb and the rest high doubles. Piotr Wojdlowicz caught 3 to 16lb all off the top

On Becks, Alan had a 16-03 common and Will caught 3 to 16lb. Mark Dodd bagged a 15-02 mirror and an 18-01 common on Nash Zig Bugs one foot under the surface. Ed Clarke banked 4 to 20-04 under his rod tip with a pop up over 6mm pellet. Kirk had a 16lb common off the island.Alan Murrell 3 to 16-04 and Kian McCarthy 2 to 18-04. James Coles 4 to 16-08, Manuel Osan 2 to 18lb, and Norbert Hodasz 2 to 19lb

On Carp Lake, Craig Daniels banked the yellow koi at 14-08, Lee Turner banked 2 to 19-08 and Jamie Hunting a 21lb common. Paul Coleman caught a 24lb common and Robin Stannard a 19-02 within a half hour into his day ticket. Mike Lucas had 4 to 15-08, Julie Shadbolt caught an 11-08 carp on the float with 6lb mainline and a size 12 hook, she went on to bag a 23lb mirror on a single white Manilla pop up on a Ronnie Rig. Paul Shadbolt caught 2 to 18lb. Andreas Fencovas caught 3 high doubles to 18lb. Brian Morgan a 19-08 and a 22lb to a chod rig and Lee Morgan a 17-02.Paul Coleman caught a 18lb, a 20-04 and a 22lb. Tommy Atkins banked 4 to 20-14 on a dayticket. Louis Methven bagged his PB at 20lb During the week David Barnham enjoyed his best session so far with 13 fish to 28lb including 4 other twenties.

On Booneys, Francis Jervis 17lb, Paul Hargreaves 15lb, Ricky Clark 17lb and a 19lb, Stuart Minney 3 to 21-07 and Steve landed a 18lber.

On Winters, Greg Foot 21-04 and 2 low doubles, Richard Beaumont 2 to 23lb, Jack McMahon 2 low doubles. Andy and Craig caught one each to 24lb. Steven Ely a 26lb, a 26-12 and a 27-13. Carl Clark a 23-15 common. In the week Daniel Gray enjoyed another good session catching 6 fish including a 26lb 12oz common, a 25lb 2oz common and a PB mirror of 22lb 11oz Morgan Bacon bagged The Big Scaley at 27-15

The second match in the Autumn Open series on the Canal was won by Gary Dunning on peg 8 with 73-04, in second place was Paul Kyle on peg 13 with 65-12 and third was Andy Tebbut on peg 9 with 59lb.


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A 48-hour guest session on Chilham Mill fishery has seen Solar Tackle team member Jake Anderson land two of the ‘A Team’, the Starburst Mirror at 35lb and The Stunner at 33lb, both over using the new Originals Club Mix and Red Herring baits.

Jake explains: “After arriving at the lake I found a nice clear spot among weed, although the spot wasn’t hard as there was still some low-lying weed, but the area was fishable.

“I put in around 6kg of 20mm Club Mix and 15mm Red Herring boilies to start and around 5kg of HOB Chilli Hemp with some 11mm low-oil pellets added too. Two rods were fished a rod length apart on this area. The third rod was placed around 16 yards away from the main baited spot to another clear area, which I baited with around 2kg mixture of boilies and particles.

“The idea of the third rod was that it would be just off the big baited area and hopefully attract the warier carp that sit back from the main shoal. The first 24 hours passed uneventfully for me, but Josh Scoble, who accompanied me on the trip, managed to land an absolute pearler called Ringo at 33lb.

“The second night brought with it perfect weather. It went from hot, humid conditions to overcast, raining with periods of thunder. When I woke up at around 6am I was puzzled as to why I had not caught during the night. I had seen fish fizzing over the bait, the weather was perfect but a carp was missing.

“It got to around 10am when my rod placed on the smaller baited area sprung into life. After a short battle, the hook pulled!

The Stunner 33lb

“I re-rigged the rod, and this time made some slight rig alterations as I put the hook pull down to my rig rather than the weed or the barbless hook rule. It’s all too easy to blame the weed, the rules or anything else for losing a fish, but it's only you that can prevent it.

“With the rod back out one hour passed and the same rod screamed into life again. After a dogged battle, one of the ‘A Team’ popped up in the shape of the Starburst mirror, which was at a spawned-out weight of 35lb. The next 2.5 hours were quiet until I started packing up. Just as I started taking down the brolly one of the rods on the larger baited area sprung into life. The culprit put up an enjoyable, strong fight, but after 15 minutes a fish aptly named The Stunner popped up at 33lb.

So a great session had with 3 30s landed between the two of us and also 3 of the best lookers in the 26-acre, Kent pit!”

Solar’s The Originals boilie ranges will be released to the public at the start of September.

Fewer anglers were hitting the bank at Manor Farm this week no doubt allowing things like summer holidays to get in the way of their fishing, those who decided against such frivolity were rewarded with some excellent fishing.

On Damsel Gary Robertson bagged 12 fish between 10lb and 17lb, 10 of them coming from the margin. Darryn Clark caught a 15lb mirror and Sam Burden banked 6 to 15lb including the orange koi. Simon caught a 5lb tench and some bream.

On Carp Lake, Debbie Lefort caught 5 to 16-14 using a PVA mesh bag. Kieran Pailing bagged 7 to 21-02, his PB in a 48-hour stay. David Hill caught a 24-10, a 17-04, a couple at 8lb as well as a 3lb tench. Harry Holt, aged 10, fishing with his dad caught his PB at 15-03 on a Cell dumbbell and PVA mesh in the margin then went on to smash it again with a 20-05, he also bagged a 16-07. Dan Orchard banked a 22lb mirror and Paul Reed two 13lb commons. Steven Freear back on Carp Lake banked 2 twenties to 21-06

Harry Holt 20 05 Carp Lake Aug 201

On Becks, Jack Rose bagged a 21-08 mirror to a Krill dumb bell topped with a piece of IB fake corn, and another 2 at 11-04 and 14-01. Martin Walker caught a 19lb common.

On Blunham Ray Renford was delighted to bag a 15lb carp

Luke Spencer 32 12 PB Winters Aug 181

On Winters Adam Pearce caught two at 18lb, a 19lb and a 20lb. Dan Jackosn a 17lb and a 18lb. Luke Spencer caught two thirties in one day, both commons at 30-08 and 32-12. a new PB, and finished off the weekend with a mid double mirror. Neil Conway caught a nice mid double scaley to Signature pop up presented in a gap in the heavy weed. Earlier in the week, Jordan Pashley banked 6 to 24-12 and Dan Gray bagged a 29-14 common.

Chris Hayward 29 04 Booneys Aug 201

On Booneys Jamie Fahey fishing the north end caught 3 to 20-02. Andy Morrison banked a 21lb common and Ryan Murphy 2 commons to 16-08. Chris Hayward picked a swim he had not fished before and caught 6 to 29-04.


Want to fish Manor Farm? - http://manorfarmfishing.com/

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