On Damsel, Paul Herron caught 2 to 15-07 and 2 bream. Roy Driver banked 3 to 21-07, Danny 7 to 23-05 and Damon 5 to 17lb all to Mainline Banoffee. Mike Lucas caught 5 to 18lb, Matthew Lucas 3 to 17lb and  Ben lucas 2 to 15-08. Kevin Burton bagged 5 to 20lb and 3 bream and James Wallace 4 to 22-08.

On Carp Lake, Finlay Shepherd caught 2 to 16lb. Martin Walker an 18-02 and 2 tench to 5lb using small solid bags a single fake corn. Steven Freear had 4 to 16-08. Steve Ginn caught 3 to 21lb Gareth Hancock 4 to 18lb and Ryan Hancock 2 to 16lb. Andy Uhl caught the black and white koi at 16-09. Stephen Chambers caught his PB at 23lb on his first night session on the lake

On Becks, Matthew Cornwall bagged 6 mid doubles and a 20-07 mirror on Pineapple boilies. Jake Balaan 3 mid doubles and a 24lb. Jack Chance 4 to 18lb and lots of bream around 6lb. Terry Benford fishing for bream or tench with a quiver tip and sweetcorn hooked and landed a 18lb common. Lee had a 20lb and some big bream. James McArdle 3 including a 17-08 and a 18-08. Chris Leader a 21-02

On Winters, Kevin Tingey had 5 including a 22-15 and a 24-07. Howard Carter caught a 22-04 common on a chod. Craig Daniels a 24-14 on a bottom bait over particles. Lee Turner banked 19lb common to a yellow pop up on a stiff hinged rig. Louis Andrews bagged four twenties to 27lb. A 21-10 mirror fell to Tom Wright and a 15-05 common to Stuart. Tony Pullen smashed his previous PB of 21lb with a 27-04 common. Tony Virgo bagged a 24-03 and Josh Virgo a 19-03 and Marcin Wozniak a 25lb common.

James Ingram 28 06 Booneys Aug 13 a1

Booneys is back on form after a lean spell. Kenny Langrish had two twenties to 22lb to Cell bottom bait. Darren Mullin 3 twenties to 24lb all commons. Tony James a 19-01 common and a 16-11 mirror. Phil White bagged 5 including a 21lb and a 27-04 using Denham Baits. Gabriel Prodan caught a 24lb mirror and James Ingram bagged a 18lb and a 28-06.

The first match of the Autumn Open Series saw Paul Kyle in first place with 81-12 on peg 9, Alan Laney second with 61-04 on peg 17 and Steve Hill third with 57-12 on peg 11.

On Damsel, Dave Hollands and his two mates banked 13 carp between them, biggest to Dave at 19-04 to 3 grains of sweetcorn and 1 grain of fake corn. Alan Wright and Chris Chorley were both catching carp and bream. Tilly and Ella each caught a 16lb common while Ashley and Ollie had 2 carp to 15lb and 2 bream. Michael Andrews banked 2 to 17lb.

On Becks, Henry Fowler banked 2 commons to 17-08 and 2 mirrors to 19-08  and Scott Wyman a 22-08. Baz Franklin was catching tench to 6lb and bream and Daryl caught a 14-02 common. Lee French bagged 20 fish over 2 nights at the A1 end, he struggled at first but then scaled down to catch 6 carp to 17lb, 9 bream and 5 tench, all on a single fake corn. An unexpected and sizable eel was caught by Daniel, the first reported at Manor Farm for some time.

On Carp Lake, Kian McCarthy had 2 carp, one just under and one just over 20lb. Callum Ratley banked the orange koi at 14lb along with 2 commons at 13lb and 19-08, Kieran Ratley caught a 16lber. Brian and Lee Morgan each had a carp one at 17-08 and the other at 18-08. Jake Douglas caught 2 commons to 14-11.

On Winters, Kevin Tingey landed a 20lb common and a mid double. Aaron Turner down from Coventry fished a bottom bait on a clear spot and was rewarded with 2 at 25lb and 28lb. Tony Lawrence banked 3 to 24lb and Stuart Minney bagged 5 to 23lb. Earlier in the week, Steven Freear hit Winters for the first time for a 72 hour session, he bagged 7 carp, 3 over 20lb, biggest 24-04 and 2 at 19lb plus, all in the margin with a solid bag and single piece of corn. Morgan Bacon also picked up 3 commons to 26-14 midweek as did Paul and Ryan Andrews, Paul banked a 26-08 and Andrew a 20lb

On Booneys, Greg Taylor caught 2 to 14-02 and a tench and David Byrnes a 15lb mirror. Justin Clark had 3 to 18lb and Craig Ward 2 commons at 21-04 and 21-08.


If you fancy fishing Manor Farm then head over to the website http://manorfarmfishing.com/, call them on 01767317835 or email them This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.!


On Damsel Simon Chitty landed 3 to 16lb and Robert Prutton 2 to 18lb. Jamie Pullen bagged 7 to 22-06 including the orange koi at 10-02. James Nicholls 6 to 16-10 and 4 bream and Aiden Nicholls, aged 8, 3 to 14-10 his PB. John Brooks caught 2 to 12lb and a bream using his 'Distance Keeper'. Mark Hook caught 4 to 16lb and David Emery 2 to 20-04. Claire Gollick banked her PB at 16-13. Joe Doherty had 3 to 19-02 and Brain Mickleburgh a 19-12.

On Carp Lake Gary Hatchett netted a 20lb, Ben Carmichael 14 to 16lb. Dave and Danny Small 6 to 16lb, Ian Lefort an 18-12. Neal Clayton a 17lb. and Mark Trigg banked a 26lb 8oz on Urban baits in the margin. Steve Berrington had 2 twenties out midweek.

Becks fished well with Ben Carmichael taking 2 to 21-08 before he switched to Carp lake. Morgan Bingham came down from Hull with his dad and banked a 21-08 PB on his 11th birthday and Barry Evans 6 to 21lb. Ryan 4 to 10lb. Michael Horwood had a 14lb common, a 5lb tench and rudd on float fished maggot. Colin Horwood banked 4 carp to 15lb and 3 bream between 8lb and 10lb. Frank and Jamie each had a carp at 15lb and Martin Weemes 5 to 21-02 his PB. Carl Harvey caught 4 to 16-14 and a 7-02 bream. Katie King and her boyfriend had a good weekend Brett caught 3 commons to 17lb and Katie banked 5 to 16lb beating her PB twice. Luke Bowman bagged 6 carp to 22-08 and 2 tench.

Morgan Bingham 21 08 PB Becks July 29

Morgan Bingham

Winters is still consistently producing. Jae Stevens caught 2 to 16-08, Tony Virgo 3 to 15-10 and Josh Virgo the orange koi at 14-10 and a PB 24-10 common. Dave Hansen a 15lb Steve Last 3 to 16-10. Marcin Wozniak, his first time on Winters caught 5 to 24lb. Stefan Kirbyshire had 4 to 25lb on solid bags with Mainline Cell and a Cell wafter. Morgan Bacon on an overnighter on Thursday had 4 to 23-15 and caught The Zip at 26lb on Sunday evening. Stuart Minney spent a couple of evenings stalking and bagged a 16-08 mirror and a 31-05 common. Sam Kelly fished on July 27 and landed 8 fish, 6 of which were over 20lb, biggest 27-08 with Steve Kelly who had 6 fish, including 2 twenties, biggest 23-04.

Booneys was quieter this weekend with Jason Lawlor catching 2 to 20lb on Mad Baits Strawberry White pop ups. Graham Povey landed a 15lb common




Damsel has come back into form here at Manor Farm but the denizens of Carp Lake were playing hard to get this weekend. 2 anglers broke their PB on Winters this week and both went on to break it again on the same session. Please remember that the best tactic, particularly on Carp Lake and Winters, is a chod with a scattering of boilies or a solid bag. Spodding in loads of bait is often counter-productive and in the summer months can quickly sour the water. Less is more! Please take all excess bait home or chuck it in the bins provided, not in the lakes. Please be aware that we are now asking all anglers to dip their nets, slings and mats in the tanks outside the shop prior to fishing.

Damsel: First time on the bank in 25 years for Darren Purdham saw him catch one at 17-05 and one at 17-02. Lee Whitby having done his homework on this lake put in another good performance with 12 carp to 17lb and 5 bream to 8lb. Also having a good weekend were Matthew Lucas, his dad and his friend Ben. Dad had 7 to 17-08, Ben 4 to around 15lbs and Matthew banked a low double and a twenty, and there were 8 good sized bream between them. Most fish came to a handful of corn sprinkled along the margin and a hookbait fished over it. Paul Scott had a good session with 6 to 18lb and Roger Scott had 2 to 16lb. Luke Reedman banked a 17-02.

Anglers on Carp Lake were struggling this weekend due, I suspect, to the carp being pre-occupied with eating their own fry. Amongst those who managed a fish were Stuart with 3 mid doubles, Lee Morgan with 4 to 16-08 and Brian Morgan with some pasties and a welcome 14-08. Malcolm Campbell was relieved to avoid a blank with a 14-08. Gary Denham caught a 19-08 fully scaled and a 16lb. At the beginning of the week, Jonny Roberts caught 3 to 16-05 on pop-ups.

On Becks, Josh caught his first tench at 5lb and 3 bream. Rob Lamont fishing the car park end bagged a 15-08 common. Stuart banked a 16lb common and Duane 2 mid doubles. while Scott Lawson bagged 9 bream and a tench.

On his first time on Winters Glenn Barrable was 'blown away' he broke his PB with a 25-12 common and went on to break it again by snaring Scar at 30-05. He also had a 17-12 common. All fish falling to a solid bag. Rade Maksimovic banked The Big Fully on Saturday at 26-04. Dave McKay fished a 48-hour session in the week. He banked 9 fish 14lb to 28lb. He broke his PB twice, his new PB now 28-02. Worth getting a bit damp for, he said.

Stuart Minney was back on Booneys and banked 4 fish including 2 twenties, one of which a stunning fully scaled. On his first time on Booneys Reece Jackson banked a 12lb common.

On Blunham Stuart Raby banked 3 bream to 6lb and an 11lb carp, all on the pellet. Neil French banked 5 to 11lb, Ryan and Gary Gardner 8 carp to 15lb and 3 bream. Dennis Holliday was preparing for Wednesday's match and finished up with 82 roach on the pole fishing caster and maggot. Steve Berrington fished Blunham on Wednesday and caught 9 carp in a 4-hour session between 9lb and 15-05, all to floating baits.

Saturday saw a match on Match Canal with Isabella Mioch on peg 5 just beating John Patmore into 2nd place. Izzy had a good bag of bream to 33-12. John on peg 19 weighed in at 32-12. 3rd place went to Paul Nicholson with 19lb.

On Carp Lake Martin Bochenek landed his PB at 25-08. Lee Piper bagged a common at 29lb, had 3 other 20’s to 22-10 and 6 others between 15-08 and 18-09, all to float fished luncheon meat over halibut pellets. Lee says it was the best days fishing he’s ever had. The Ferguson family had a great day; Steve catching a 17-06 mirror, Lucy a 20lb PB and Meggan, aged 14, a 29-08 PB all on Essentila Cell wafter. Aaron Jones landed 2 to 24-08. Liam Nash 3 to 19-13, Richard Saunders a 15-02 common to a white Manilla pop up. Francis Jervis an 18lb common to a chod rig, Carl Clark enjoyed another successful weekend bagging 12 to 25-06 using Hydrabits on a Ronnie Rig. Tommy Atkins netted 3 to 23-08

Over on Becks Lake Steve Ibbot caught 3 carp to 19-06, 4 bream to 8-08 and a tench. Tony Wilson had a 13lb common and a 6lb tench. Charlie Tokeley 2 commons at 14lb and 16lb. Kain landed one at just under 21lb. Brian Morgan netted 2 to 18-08 and 2 bream around 6lb.

On Booneys Ben Stockwell took a 19lb and a 20-08 common to a pink pop up. Paul Weston an 11-0 and a 16-08. Leigh Amer a chunky 13lb common. Dan Tuck 20-09 mirror, and Graham Simmonds an 18-12 common. Andy Stapleton bagged up with 3 to 28lbs

Earlier in the week on Winters Andy Baker had a good session taking a 28-08 common, a 29-05 common and a 30-08 scaley. Adam Calvert landed a 29-12 common to 2 grains of maize flicked to nearby marginal reeds. Lewis Waldren banked a 2 commons at 32-08 and 29lb to Spicy Crab pop up on a chod PVA mesh bag with 5 Manilla boilies.

Blunham held the 4th Open Match, coming 1st was Dennis Page on peg 1 with 44-08, 2nd was Darren Tait on peg 23 with 18-08, 3rd Paul Boltryk on peg 15 with 17-08, 4th Dave Carter on peg 11 with 16-08.

Manor Farm had a very busy week, with a range of carp being caught. Follow the full report below! 


Damsel fished well this weekend with many anglers catching fish, most notably Oliver Fisher, Adam Stevens and Josh and Tony Virgo who fished the south end for 2 nights; Oliver took 4 to 20-04, Adam 5 to 21-08, Josh 6 to 20-01 while Tony missed out on a twenty but bagged 9 to 19-02. Also Andy and Darrell Smith, on their first time at Manor Farm, had a great 48hrs bagging 19 fish; 12 bream ranging from 5-7lb and 7 carp ranging from 10-20lb. Simon Chitty, Steve Robinson, Doug Ashley and Chris Guess were among others who caught with James Bryant banking a 22lb common and Matt Upton netting 5 carp to 17lb and 3 bream and Jason Shill banking 3 to 21-04, a 4lb tench and 2 bream.

 Adam Fye 33lb Winters 11th April 1

On Becks Lake, Dave Hatcher caught 6 to 20-08 plus a 7lb bream. Paul Caudry and his girlfriend bagged 5 carp to 17lb and a 9-12 bream. John Reeves fishing 2 nights to the reeds on the A1 end bagged 10 carp to 21lb, 4 tench and 2 bream using 10mm boilies. Dan banked 4 to 21-09 and Tom landed a 21lb.

Danny Lovley 29 08 Winters 13th April. 1 

The Canal and Blunham continued to give good sport and mixed bags to pleasure anglers; Jay landing a nice 15lb carp on Blunham and Ollie also in there with a 12lb with Charlie Dent landing a brace of low doubles in the week. Float anglers were also picking up good fish on Becks.


On Carp Lake, the Road Side fished well. Dan and Reece Jackson caught 23 fish between them; Reece 12 including 4 over 20lb and Dan 11 with 2 over 20lb. Liam Henderson took 3 to 21-08 and Jack Reynolds 8 fish between 13lb and 22lb fishing Mainline white pop-ups. Sonny Eales caught 4 to 21lb while JJ Coulson, aged 14, outfished his dad by landing a 21-01. Michael Buckingham and Nicky Creswell bagged 9 to 21-04. Sean caught 3 and was another to bag a new PB at Manor Farm with a 25-08. David McKay and Andy Mazzoni bagged 7 between them to 21-02. Elliot Bertram 4 to 26-13 and a tench. Another 20 came out to Stuart Blacow along with a big tench. Ian Hamilton caught 7 to 19lb fishing with Eloise who banked 3 to 18lb. Ben Roberts also caught two 20’s and 2 mid doubles. Mark Freeman snared 2 to 29lb.

 Elliot Bertram 2 26 13 Carp Lake 13th April 1

On Booneys Ross Burridge banked a 24-08 and a 27lb on Manilla. Stuart Minney using wafters caught a 21lb and a 25-04 and one of Booneys tench at 6-08. Gabriel Prodan on the Winters side of the lake fished between the islands with a pink pop up and landed 2 commons and a mirror to 26lbs. Alan Andrews also banked a 26lb mirror, Ben Siggins-Mackie a 21-07 and Martin Olchawa a 21lb. Sean Backhouse banked two mirrors at 23-01 and 27-06

 Nicky Cresswell 4 Carp Lake 16th April 1

Winters is still on form and producing more 30’s. A 30-02 fell to Tom on the double swim, Canal side. Dave Field banked a 25lb Common and a 17-12 using Manilla and a white wafter. Rhys Coote landed 2 nice mid doubles and Jonathon Warne in the double swim Booneys side banked a 28lb common to a krill pop up – another PB. Jason Tranter netted a 29-07. Earlier in the week Adam Fye banked 6 to 33lb in a 24-hour session, Matthew Kingsford landed 5 to 30-02 and Danny Lovely on his first visit to Manor Farm smashed his PB with a 27-02 and then went on to beat it again with a 29-08. Cameron Lovell also landed a new PB on Winters with a 31-04, he also banked a 20lb common.

It has been a very busy week at Manor Farm with lots of fish being caught...

On Damsel Lloyd and Karl bagged 2 x 20’s, 2 x mid doubles and 2 bream. Adam Foy landed 5 doubles. Danny Emery caught 3 to 18lb and his friend Henry one at 14lb. Also catching were Chris Hobbs with 2 to 15lb and Luke with one at 10lb. During the week Wayne Avis graced his net with a splendid 22lb common.


On Blunham Jake Cooper had 2 to 14lb. Francis Jervis had a break from carp fishing and enjoyed catching quality roach on the quiver tip. Many other anglers enjoyed good catches and carp can be seen cruising on the surface and will fall to floating baits.


Over on Booneys Richard McSweeney bagged 2 to 21-04 and Jordan Daniels caught 2 tench at 5.08 and 6.08. Gerry James stole the show on Booneys this weekend catching ‘Onescale at 35lbs, plus another 30 and one at 25. He was using Krill boilies and pink krill pop ups

On Winters Marc Jarvis caught 2 to 17lb while his friend Neil Barford bagged up with 7 to 22lb and a big roach with a taste for carp baits. He was using Manilla and Krill. Ross Burridge landed a 25lb, Adam Harris 2 to 24lb, Justin Clark bagged a common at 32lb,  2 mirrors at 24lb, and a nice scaley. Paulius 2 to 22-08 and Charlie Dormer bagged a 32lb mirror

Justin Clark 32lb Winters 9th April 2


Becks fished well with Bryan Vahey bagging 3 bream, 2 tench and 7 carp to 16lbs over the weekend. Daniel caught 3 to 13lb. Alan Calvert caught 8 commons to 19-12 and 1 bream. Also catching were Wayne Grant with 3 to 16lb and Darren Harris with an 18lb common. Paul McQueeny and Will Astell both enjoyed midweek catches.


Carp Lake has seen lots of action. Ed Clarke bagged 6 to 18lb. Jake Douglas 4 to 20lb. Liam Knight caught 3 20’s to 24lb and 2 mid doubles. Louis Slack had 4 to 21lb using solid bags. Chris Peacock 4 to 26lb and Carl Clark 7 to 25lb using Hydrabaits. Tom Moss caught 2 to 14lb and Carl and Lee Bunyan and Liam Rushton fishing together caught 13 to 24lb between them using chods and zigs. Liam Bagged up with 12 fish including 5 x 20’s to 25lb. During the week Anthony Draper caught 6 to 24lb with Mainline Cell on Chods.

Carp Lake has come into early form here at Manor Farm. Dell Ryder banked 5 fish to 21-8 on Manilla pop up and fake corn with a solid bag of Manilla pellets. Marek fished the weekend and bagged 9 fish to 24-8 and his friend Gary had 5 to 22-8. Mark and Wayne Johnson landed a 19lb and 18lb respectively. Jamie Bowness caught 2 commons to 18lb and his pal Joe Doherty caught a 15lb common. Jamie and Matthew had a 17-10 and 19-8. Neil Conway banked 3 to 17-3 and his stepson, Stefan a 16-9. Phil Grimshaw had 2 at 17-8 and 18-8. Kirk bagged 4 to 22-8 using Essential Cell 10mm pop-ups. Albie had a 14lb mirror and 2 commons at 16lb and 18lb. Damsel Lake has also fished well, Paul Parish taking 6 fish to mid double, Luke and Chris had a low double each and Chris had one that was pushing 20lb. Ian Bagged a 19-7 again on Manilla. Stuart and Richard Saunders bagged a 12-8, 12-4 and 14-2 between them, all commons. Luke Robbins caught a bream and 2 low double carp and Ben Unwin 2 bream around 4lb each. Lee Bunyan caught 4 fish to 16-4 using zigs. On Blunham Dean and Oli enjoyed good sport catching low double carp. On Winters Ashton Stanbridge (pictured) bagged a 22-8 and Logan Newman a 21-2 mirror and a 30-4 common. Over on Booneys Morgan Bacon banked one of the lakes mirrors at 23-4 to Manilla and a solid bag with Manilla Active Mix, Jamie had a good fish, unweighed but around 20lb. During the week Darren and Ashley fished Booneys and enjoyed a haul of 14 fish between them, including 5 20’s and a 30lb. Saturday’s match on The Canal saw Del Waite come in first with 66-12, Darren Tait second with 42-0, Dave Carter third with 29-12 and Gary Dunning fourth with 27-0.

Ashton Stanbridge 22 8 Winters 12 March1
Ashton Stanbridge 22lb 8oz


Morgan Bacon 23 4 Booneys 11 March
Morgan Bacon 23lb 4oz



It has been a week of mixed fortune at Manor Farm, Darren and Ash Francis set up on Carp Lake on Sunday evening and fished through to Wednesday afternoon they had 31 fish between them. Some of the fish fell to 6-foot zigs in the daytime, they were also fishing over particles on the bottom. Since then, anglers have struggled for bites however, Jordan Pashley banked 2 mid doubles, an 18lb and a 17lb. Over on Damsel, Ian bagged a 15lb common fishing a white pop up, Caudiu Chesa bagged a 22lb mirror, and 18lb & 14lb commons on the 24th Feb and Steve Moodey on 25th Feb caught 2 commons at 12-8 & 14-0 and 2 mirrors at 12-8 & 16-8 and Darren Connor had 2 carp and a bream. On Becks Lake Mark and Tom caught 6 fish to 21lb on Wednesday. On the Canal, Gary caught carp on bread and roach & perch on maggot. Richard Farrow was finding carp on Blunham. Winters and Booneys have been fishing hard but during the week Garrie Lee Fowler banked a stunningly coloured 27-4 on Winters while Andy Collins landed a 21-10 today and Andy Stapleton bagged a 27-4 in the night. On Booneys Josh Mabbit continued his run with 3 fish to 26-12. Some of the Greylag geese which flew away for the winter have returned to the lakes, hopefully, some spring weather will follow them... 

Regular TC blogger and all round nice guy, Matt Kingsford, has a crack at Manor Farm's popular lake known as Winters...


After fishing Becks Lake at Manor Farm Fishery in Bedfordshire last week for the night I fancied going back and testing my wits on one of the more challenging lakes on the complex, known to be more tricky are Winters Lake and Booneys after looking at the availability for the Friday my mind was made up with one space available on Winters. I quickly secured my place on their online booking system and couldn’t wait to get on the lake and have a look, looking at the galleries on Manors website I already had a couple of fish in mind I would love to make friends with...


Arriving at the lake Friday afternoon with 24 hours on the lake in front of me and with the weather looking good I was eager to get fishing. Not having fished Winters before I had a good walk round, with 3 fishing it already I opted to move up to the quieter far end of the lake and found half a dozen fish in a small bay. Dropping the bucket in the swim I proceeded to grab the barrow and move in. After a nightmare walk round to the swim tipping the barrow twice on the way while fish spotting I got into the swim and proceed to rig up, the fish seemed to have sulked away from the area so I scattered a few freebies of Manilla 16mm loosely in the area they were in previous and dropped a Sticky Baits Manilla snowman on the edge of the bait with a small PVA stick made from the excellent castaway PVA 18mm mesh. The other rod went far bank tight to some reeds, which looked very carpy indeed.


With nothing more that a few beeps and an aborted take in the night, I decided to change things around 10am, opting to fish white Manilla pop-ups on a longish hair with small sticks as tight to the right and far bank as I had seen some movement in both locations that morning. Fishing as tight as possible to the read line more or less clipping it I felt may get me my first Winters fish, masking the hook with a couple of Castaway PVA nuggets ensured all was well when the rig hit the water.


The change of tactics didn’t take long half an hour later and the left-hand rod signalled a take, just a couple of beeps and the rod arching round, fishing locked up as there was nowhere for the fish to go, my recently purchased Nash Rod Locks doing me proud and holding tight. Pulling into the fish it was moving left towards an island, which if she got there would cause a few issues, dropping the rod tip and straining right, I managed to turn her. She didn’t feel particularly big but really gave a good account for herself, in the net, I estimated a low twenty, no need to weigh in and stress her further so a quick snap and back she went.

IMG 20170401 192914 071 Matt Kingsford 2

With the rod put back out to the spot I sat back pleased I had managed my first fish from Winters, and a gorgeous looking mirror with a small linear scaling. A little while after my right-hand rod went and after a nice rod tip fight I managed to net a very striking common to make the set, again not one of the bigger fish in the lake with fish up to 40lb but a stunning fish I estimated to be at high teens.

IMG 20170401 193421 944 Matt Kindsford 3

All in all I was over the moon with the session to bag to lovely looking fish on my first trip to the lake was pleasing and good to be out for the second time in 2 weeks...


Next up will probably be our Hauling for Cancer Match at Walthamstow, which I hope my recent run of form can continue....


All the best

Matthew Kingsford  

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