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Manor Farm CATCH REPORT August 6th

With a respite from the prolonged hot weather all lakes fished well this weekend.

On Damsel Connor Woods caught a 24lb. Jamie Boness, Jack Aris and Ricky Aris fishing together caught several low to mid doubles and few bream. Stuart Raby netted 3 to 17-08 and a 7lb bream. Peter Mathie took 6 to 16lb, Martyn Dady 4 to 18lb, Midge 4 to 14lb and Reza a 17-08. Daniel and Kieran netted 4 to 16lb and 6 bream while Ian Dunklin caught 4 to 17lb. Sam Taylor caught 2 mid doubles and Lee Spence a 13-08 mirror and an 18-08 common. Martin did well with 10 to 18lb

On Carp Lake Cory Welham caught 2 to 20-04 on pink pop ups, Marcin took 3 to 12lb, Ryan Brown 3 to 16-11, Ben Child 3 to 20lb and  Jake Newman a 19-07 A group of five came down from Leicester for a social and Rob caught 3 to 16-05, Sonnie 2 to 21-04, Richard 2 to 19-05, Blair a 19lb common, and Paul 4 to 18-12.

Lee Farquharson netted 7 to 19-09, but was outshone by his son Ben aged 8 with 9 to 17-07 and 2 tench around 5lb.
David Lewis caught 5 to a 25-14 common and Dean 9 to 19-04. Luke Reedman continued his good form taking 17 to 19-02 over 4 days and 8 tench on a morning float session.

Becks was also fishing well. Will caught a 17lb mirror and an 18-08 common. Paul Johnson took two at 19-12 and 22-06 and Tomasz a 17-08 mirror. Scott netted 4 to 16lb and John Bees 4 to 18lb. Stuart Emmerson  landed a 22-04. Stuart Webber caught 13-10, 17-10, 19-02 a new PB, then went on to catch a 22lb to break his PB again. Martin Weemes bagged 5 low to mid doubles and a welcome 22-11. Carl Harvey 2 to 16-08.

On Winters Adam and Glen took 4 to 23-14, Chris Ash 4 to 20lb, Jamie a 16lb and Emma a 17LB. A nice 29lb common fell to Lewis. Tim Saunders caught 3 to 27lb and Adam Gale caught a 23-08 fully scaled and a 24lb common. Earlier in the week Alan Taylor had 2 to 24-04.

Some good fish came out of Booneys, Martin King caught 2 to 18lb, Martin Walton a 17-14 mirror, Rob Lancaster a16lb. Mark had 4 to 21lb and Vinnie, aged 9, two at 19-08 and 21-08. Stuart Minney continued his good form taking 5 to 26lb.
Matt 19lb and Zibby both caught 19lb commons and Lee Turner an 18-07

For more information head over to: http://manorfarmfishing.com

Stuart Webber Becks 22lb PB


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