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Manor Farm catch Report 28th May

On Damsel Craig Daniels bagged 5 to 18lb, fishing with Lee Turner who caught 3 to 21-08 and Tom Large 5 to 13lb. Jamie Pullen caught 5 to 21lb, Glem Barrable had 2 to an 18-10 common, Ben Bowler 5 to 18-04. Matthew Lucas beat his dad into second place taking 8 to 21-04 his dad Michael with 5 to 16-04. The most notable catch was Paul Goldsmith, aged 15, who snared his PB and one of the biggest in the lake at 25-10. Brian Robertson caught 6 between 15 and 20lb. 

Carp lake saw Leigh Mowforth catch 3 to 21-07, Craig Boxall 7 to 16-08 and James Boxall 5 to 23lb. Luke Wallis bagged a 19-08 and a 20-08, Ionut Seicaru 3 to 23lb and Tony Maftei 2 to 18lb. Andy Uhl an 18lb and a 21-04. 

On Becks Stephen Hibbert bagged 10 to 17lb and 6 bream to 8-08, Rob Munday had 9 to 17lb and 7 bream and Steve Crouch had a PB tench at 6-08 along with 3 bream between 5lb - 7lb and a 9-14 common. Mark Trigg took 8 to 20lb and James Kavanagh 8 to 18-08

On Booneys Ross Walker took 3 to 19lb and Nathan Craft took a twenty off the top. Andrew Klinek netted a 16-04 mirror and 5 tench between 5-08 and 9-04. Jamie Bunn had 3 twenties off the top to 27lb.Carl Norman a 22-04 common. Stuart Minney had another good session taking 3 mirrors at 19-04, 22-03 and a 29-08 and Aaron Williams 24-08 off the top.

On Winters Ian McKay caught 2 to 21-09, Arron Turner a 17-04 
Steve Genovese took 2 to 19-08, Daniel Whitehouse a 21lb common, Brian Morgan a 19lb common and Marcin Olchawa a 25-03 mirror.

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