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Manor Farm 13th May 2018 Catch Report

This weekend was bit slower with some fish spawning but even so a few PB's were smashed On Damsel Nathan Richards caught a 12lb, Mark Williams two 13lb commons, Doug Ashley a 16lb and Laurie Gregory a 12lb and an 18lb. On Carp Lake Duane Richardson over 2 nights bagged 9 to 25lb including 3 other 20's on Thripster Baits and Thripster Pearl pop ups. Milosz Jedraszewski caught an 18-08 common. Ryan Hatton caught 7 to 19-08 on @Mainline Cell and Hybrid and pop ups on a Ronnie Rig.

Daniel Berridge over 2 nights had 6 to 2-08 on @Mainline Cell and IB Essential Cell. Dave Clarke caught a 19lb, Debbie Lefort 3 to 15-05 Martin Warren 3 to 16lb and Jamie Boness an 18lb On Becks Tony Deegan had a great time taking 14 to 20lb, most of them off the top. Carl Spencer also fishing off the top had 4 to 13lb and Ben Spencer caught one off the top. Jordan Devereaux snared a big eel and two to a 22lb PB. Andy Turner caught 2 to 15lb.

On Winters Steven Freear caught 2 to 13 on @Mainline IB Essential Cell. Alex Lovell had 4 to a 24-08 PB on @Sticky Baits Krill boilies and glug with a pink Krill pop up tipped with fake corn. Ross Burridge landed 2 to 17lb and Kevin Tingey 3 to 20lb. Brandon Foster was another with a PB at 20lb . A fully scaled 23-08 fell to Jerry Clayton. On Booneys 18-02 mirror fell to Craig Daniels. Stuart Minney caught a 17-08 mirror a couple of nice 7lb tench were landed by Christi Popa.

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