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Manor Farm Fishing Catch Report 23rd April

With Spring finally here Manor Farm has seen some big catches this weekend. On Damsel Lee Turner took 4 to 18lb, Craig Daniels 5 to 20lb, and Ben Pearson 4 to 19lb. David Briars fished for 24 hours and bagged up with 24 carp from the margins including 2 twenties. Luke Robins landed two mid doubles. Phil Lomax fishing the margin by an overhanging tree was another with a big bag, 20 fish to 24lb.  Nick and Sam Bright on their first time here were delighted to catch 16 between them to 25lb all on bottom baits. 

Carp Lake saw Dave Filby catch a 17-08 mirror. Mark Chamberlain landed 5 including a  28-02, a 24lb and a 20-08 and a double take.Ben Harry caught a 24lb, Rob Halsey 3 to 19lb. Dave Hale fishing 24 hours had 5 to 19-10 6 on zigs and the rest to hinged stiff rig. Sam Burden bagged 9 to 20-06, including the black and white koi at 18lb, 2 fell to zigs the rest to pop ups over spod. Matthew Wallace caught 4 to 21-04 to pop ups over spod. Reece Jackson landed 7 to 21lb and Dan Jackson 2 to 17lb, Sam McMahon 3 to 21lb and James McArdle 4 to 21-02.  Steven Freear bagged 16 to 28-05, his biggest from Carp Lake so far, along with 4 other twenties. Tom Hodson had 12 to 18-08 and Arsan 4 to 24lb. Antony Draper on a day ticket landed 7 to 27lb on stiff hinged rigs and bright pop ups.

On Becks Roy Tarrant bagged up with 21 to 19-03 using a fake corn stack. Paulius and Darius took 9 to 20lb, Lee 3 to 22-08, Paul a 15-08 and Keith 2 at 16lb. 

Winters was booked out to a party and Chris Ackroyd went old skool free lining bread on a vintage rod and picked up 2 to 21-03, his son John bagged 10 to 27lb. Nick Kappers a 28lb, Darren Charman 6 to 21lb and Tom Russell 7 to 28lb

On Booneys Glenn Barrable landed a 17lb at 4am, Stuart Minney took 5 at 17lb 18-08, 20lb 26lb and 29-08. Dean Grayson had 2 to 16-08 and Gavin Dunmore 2 to 19lb.  Iacob Popa landed a handsome 16lb scaley and Adrian Berry bagged 7 to 28lb with 2 other twenties and the rest between 15 and 19

The fifth match in the Open Series on the Canal also saw big bags with Ceri Bolitho on peg 15 with 143-03 in 1st place, 2nd David Fras on peg 6 with 85-07, 3rd Darren Tait on peg 11 with 56-11 and 4th Paul Kyle on peg 18 with 47-14.

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