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Total Carp July 2018 Featured

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Edges – Floater Fishing


Just one of the many surface fishing features we have this month, Tom Forman is on hand to reveal his biggest floater fishing edges. From feeding to location we learn how he maximises short-session trips and what you can do to stack the odds in your favour to ensure you don’t miss out on the best tactic this summer.




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Fishing Bays! - How To


Syndicates, club waters, day tickets and public parks – nearly all veneus have them and they are a great place to target carp… it has to be the bays, of course. In order to fish them effectively they are best approached with stealth, thought and a little consideration. Ryan Searle is on hand with his guide on how to crack them!


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Lost Treasures – Far From the Crowds


Warren Fenn makes an appearance in this issue with a special piece that is stacked with incredibly old and very much unknown carp. We look at how the carp ace approaches a rather unique venue away from modern carp circuits and find out what exactly he has been doing to ensure success over the last few months!


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Pellet Power – Inside The Mind


Continuing his thought-provoking series Adam Penning talks all things pellets this month. They have accounted for several notable captures in just the last few weeks alone and Adam helps us to understand how to fish and get the most from this often overlooked carp bait!


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 Questions & Answers with CC Moore


CC Moore’s team of expert anglers are on hand once again this month, as they tackle a flurry of carp fishing related conundrums. The team give us a wider understanding on topics relating to spawning carp, floater fishing, fishing with braided main line, preventing disease and why you may be missing out on bites!

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Let It Spring... - Nomad By Fate


Making his debut this issue, Salvatore Perrone – or Nomad By Fate as many of you may know him – graces our pages with his latest exploits, simply titled 'Let It Spring'!
We don’t look at tactics, tackle and rigs, instead this is a feel-good piece, an awe-inspiring effort to make you want to get bankside – simply find the pages and enjoy!

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Nashbait Competition – Win Nashbait Floater Bundle


We have everything you need to get the carp going crazy on the surface, all you need to do is catch them!

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