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01 thames

Wow, what an incredible carp – Nick Helleur blew us all away when he caught the River Thames record fish. In fact he’s had a pretty incredible year all round on the river and he’s here to show us how we can too!


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02 washing line

Monthly regular Elliott Gray has one or two tricks up his sleeve that help him stay one step ahead of those crafty carp. In this month’s article Elliott heads to Horseshoe Lake, where he employs his faithful washing line!


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03 lac du salagou

What a dream location. Claudia Darga takes us back to warmer times and her session on the stunning Lac du Salagou. With its rich red sands it certainly sets an interesting scene to catch some carp.


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04 venue

In our Venue Focus series we continue to shed light on the UK’s top day-ticket waters. In this issue it’s Suffolk Water Park and Craig Mortimer is here to spill the beans. Having grown up on the venue, he knows this place like the back of his hand.


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05 winter gravel pits

Younes González provides his in-depth thoughts on why gravel pits make such quality winter waters. Filled with inspirational photography and interesting insights, you’d be mad to miss this.

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06 road trip

Alan Blair and Oli Davies head off on their road trip through Belgium on their tour of shop days. Thats not going to stop them heading out on a mini mission to wet a line

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