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Tip Of The Month - February 2018


It may seem like a conventional summer method, but we reckon this could be your biggest edge down the local day-ticket venues.


Pellets and Peperami you say? Surely they are full of oil and won’t work at all at this time of year? Well you’re wrong!

We know it goes against everything that is in trend at the moment, but a nice small oily hook bait might be just what’s needed to nick a bite when all else fails. What’s more, when did you last see anyone using it?

With many flavours in the range, the team in the office swear by the original version in the green wrapper, but that might just be because it’s our favourite-tasting one too!

A small bag of pellets nicked on the hook with a sliver of Peperami is a cost-effective way of enticing a bite even in the coldest of conditions. Yes, we are aware that high volumes of oil might work against you in the colder water temperatures and carp will indeed struggle to digest them, but we aren’t planning on feeding the carp here. A 2p-sized ball of pellets in a mesh stocking is a little mouthful easily engulfed and we have found low-oil carp pellets are just as effective because the real hidden power is definitely in the Peperami.

At waters local to the office, this method has scored well being slung tight to islands, dropped down in the margin and even fished out in the middle of the pond. We believe it’s so different it works and certainly stands out against the anglers using boilies. You can even tip the hook bait with a piece of plastic to add a visual element, but we believe straight off the stick and onto the hair is the best way to go. Give it a try and see just how effective this cheap and tasty hook bait really is!


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