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Put Yards On Your Cast!

Many anglers believe carp move into open water with consistent depths come the colder months. With others targeting the same regions, accurately going the extra few yards can spell success!



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Like anything, you will only be as good as your foundations. Casting is no exception and a good solid platform will help you generate power and precisely channel it through your body, into your blank, and ultimately give you more power.

Mike Dagnall refers to his stance as his punching stance.

Lift your toes in the air and that will make you lean back naturally. Don't overstretch because this might throw you off balance and result in an inaccurate cast. Ensure the gap between your legs is comfortable for you. This will differ depending on your height and body shape.

Once comfortable and with your front-foot toes in the air, step into your front foot firmly and smoothly. As it lands and your back foot lifts, that is the critical point in when you want to cast.

Karl Pitchers prefers to begin with both feet firmly together. This helps him to line up his body and where he wants the lead to go. He will then step into the cast, transferring his weight as he does so.



Tip 02

This is key because you are transferring this weight and power into your rod blank. The weight transfer must come from back to the front foot and must be a smooth transition. Many anglers will drop their shoulders during this transition but this will instantly reduce your range.



Tip 03 b

Firstly, ensure you have a tight grip on the rod. See how Mike grips his with just his little finger behind the reel seat. This is as secure a hold as you will find.

Your arms can be either straight or slightly bent but the reel arm, which is the vital pivot point, must be straight and not collapse or falter throughout this transition. The pivot point must remain firm throughout the cast with all the effort to pull the hand on the rod butt into your body. The harder and faster the movement from your hand to your body, the further the lead will travel.

Tip 03

The butt arm moves, the pivot reel arm does not!



Tip 04

Itmay seem simple, but look where you are aiming. Ideally,you want the rod to stop at a 45-degree angle once cast.

Mike looks at his thumb on the rod because this is generally the right angle for the perfect trajectory, which will launch the lead on the cast under a tight arc.

Keep looking and the angle, until the lead hits the water.



Tip 05

Have the confidence to hit your rod; under normal casting practices, a rod should not falter or break. If it does, simply send it back and got it sorted. With the amount of money, testing and technology that goes into rod manufacture, you should not be able to break one merely by casting!

When positioned, gather yourself and pull the butt arm into your body hard and fast; keep the angles and your position until the finish to gain maximum results.



TIP 06

Yes, it has been done to death, but a fingerstall is vital for continuous use and distance casting. This simple device will give you the confidence to whack that rod without the fear of damaging your finger.

A fingerstall should ALWAYS be worn when using braided mainline or braided leaders.

Karl fishes with monofilament mainline even for spodding and he feels that when you are continuously baiting up or taking your time to get that cast right, a fingerstall will eliminate bruising or cuts, which can hinder performance, and also allows you to hone the feeling through the stall, which will buffer the sensation for your finger.



TIP 07

Like everything, practice makes perfect! Learn to relax and go through the motions. If you are tense and almost mechanical you will hinder the explosive power needed to harness that punch for the extra distance.

Don't ever set yourself up to cast immediately at 160 yards. Take the tips written above and get them right, rehearsing the motion at fishing 80 yards. Once you can continuously hit the clip accurately, increase the range in small steps.

Being fluent in your



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