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Tuesday, 05 September 2017 10:12

Short Session Success 2

It was a Wednesday night after a tough few days at work and it was time to plan my next mission. Having weighed up my options I settled on making the journey on Friday night to do a quick overnighter on the wharf to see if I could bag myself one of the original belters. 

With my rods already prepped it was my bait choices which needed addressing. Opening up my bait cupboard I searched for my ever faithful batch of the Nash Key Cray which I had soaked in the matching glug. I knew that this bait had been introduced to the lake before from other anglers and produced the goods, it has always served me well. I decided to mix this bait with some of the pellet which is being introduced to the lake by the club in hope that the carp would home in on the pellet, making the assumption that it is a free offering and fall mistaken. 

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With the wharf being a tricky water I wanted to ensure that I would be as mobile as possible come Friday so if I were to see any signs of fish I could move quickly. Therefore, it was crucial that I only took the bare essentials for this short session success. Friday finally came around and with a half day in work I was able to get on the road and at the wharf much quicker than anticipated. Arriving at the wharf for 7pm there was only a couple of hours of day light remaining before the night closed in. In an attempt to make the most of the remains of day light I grabbed my polaroids and headed off on foot around the lake to see if I could spot any shows. To my surprise the lake only had two other anglers on which meant that I had a good selection of swims to choose from. Two laps and still no signs, with the light fading I had to make the choice of whether to do another lap or grab the kit and back a hunch. With location being key I made my way around the lake for one final lap. Watching the water closely I saw the first fish show. I stood for fifteen minutes in the same spot and the fish showed again and again, I'd seen five shows. Not wanting to waste any more time I ran back to the car, loaded the barrow and made my way round as quick as I could. 

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The 9ft 3lb Nash Dwarfs proving their worth yet again as I was set up and flicking my rigs out in all of a matter of minutes. With the brolly up and the rigs out it was time to sit on my hands for as long as possible. Two hours went by, fish still showing over my rigs but nothing had been banked, it was time to make some changes. I reeled in my rods and applied fresh baits to the rigs; a pink 15mm Citruz to the left and a White 15mm Citruz to the right. My left hand rod acting as my margin rod, I lowered the rig tight into the wall and applied a handful of bait over the top in an attempt to steal a bite. The right hand rod was positioned in open water between weed beds on a clear spot I found when leading around. I decided to scatter thirty baits over the top of this rod. A further two hours passed and the night was well upon us and nothing more than a liner had occurred. With the fish still showing over the top of me and the bobbins still motionless I decided to spomb two kilos of glugged Key Cray out over the top of my right hand rod in an attempt to draw a bite. 

It was 2am and I was rudely awoken by an intoxicated woman asking for some spare change and a lighter. After finally getting her to move on it wasn't long until it all kicked off. Just over an hour later and my right hand rod melted off. Battling with my sleeping bag I was playing my first fish from my bedchair with my rods still positioned between the railings. Un-snagging myself from the bedchair I managed to get out of the bag and settle into the battle, my knees trembling at the thought of the chunk that could be on the end. Taming the unknown through the weed beds, creeping closer and closer to the bank I got my first sight of a fully scaled mirror. After a long, dogged battle the fully was in the net. It wasn't until I lifted up the net that I realised just how big this fish was. The effort had paid off ! I weighed the beast, a new personal best of 27lb 9oz ! I couldn't believe it, I'd only gone and bagged a fish named 'Tomi'. A mint fully scaled mirror which I was told only comes out once or twice a year!  

Waking up to my alarm at 6:30am wasn't a chore on this occasion, I woke with the biggest smile on my face. All the hard work and preparation had paid off- happy days!


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