Friday, 22 April 2016 15:19

Tyler Lane reviews the Free Spirit CTX carp rods

I was looking for new rods that would not only suit my price range but have everything I needed from a rod – strength, 50mm butt rings to ensure my distance casting and look stylish because I’m a bit of a tackle tart. I also wanted something that was slim and lightweight but with enough push to be able to reach my required distances. I was lucky enough to get sponsored by Free Spirit and was given three CTX in 3.25lb-test-curve rods with 50mm butt ring and a spod rod and stalker rod.


They are made by wrapping at different angles to ensure added strength then further 3mm wrapping, which produces a very strong yet slim rod. They have an unground lacquered finish with a carbon X-wrap and are finished with Fuji DPS reel seats and stainless steel collars.

These rods look the part because they don't have the mass-produced look of cheaper rods and make you feel like you have custom-made rods at a fraction of the price.


At the lake I fish at the moment, I'm regularly casting 27 to 28 wraps with 4oz distance leads but could easily fish further because the casting ability of these rods makes it easy. I had a friend try them on open water and he was reaching 35 wraps comfortably.

So, if you are looking for a rod that is not only amazing for the price but looks good, is strong, durable, slim, lightweight and can reach the distances required time after time, giving you the confidence to get to the fish, play them, feel the fight and not break the bank at an RRP of £99 each, then get some Free Spirit CTXs, you won’t be disappointed.


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