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Wednesday, 04 October 2017 13:41

SHIMANO Technium Mono Line - Used & Abused

Over the last two months I have been using the Technium Mono, and to great effect I might add.  

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This line has always been renowned for its triple core, giving unrivalled strength and resilience.  With Shimano committed to continued innovation, this triple-core technology has been greatly improved.

The central core is completely solid – halving the overall stretch of the line from 25 per cent to only 12, allowing you to cast to the horizon with ease. Also increasing the capacity for bite detection, it’s imperative to know what is happening between you and the rig, whether it’s at range or in the margin. The solidity of this line also helps it sink through the water, allowing for great slack-line fishing potential. This is perfect for my style of angling, predominantly fishing semi-slack lines.

The second layer ensures that the Technium Mono is supple, allowing it to curve to the contours of the lake bed. Virtually memory free, this layer prevents coiling or twists on the casts, an essential when casting at range, helping to prevent wind knots, frapping up and crack-offs.

The final layer is exceptionally thin and serves as the UV protection, as well as giving the line a smooth finish to ensure it can peel off the spool with ease.




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