Monday, 27 April 2015 12:33

ESP Leadcore Stop Beads And Chod Rig Sleeves

Although there are so many alternatives these days, I must admit to still being a fan of leadcore.

I don’t honestly think that using it has ever cost me a bite, so I’m in no rush to switch.
There has always been an issue with safely setting up a helicopter rig so that the top bead is secure enough on the cast but will release the hook link in the event of a breakage.

The Leadcore Stop Beads are designed specifically with this purpose in mind and they work brilliantly. The bottom bead has a membrane in the hole, so grips the leadcore fairly tightly. This allows chod rigs or helicopter rigs to be set as far up the leadcore as you want. The top bead, however, has a wider bore and sits on a small length of silicone (provided). This holds on the cast, and again can be set at any distance up the leadcore, but the bead will safely slide off the silicone and up the leadcore if needed.

When fishing this system with a chod rig, I also add a Chod Rig Sleeve above the lead. These are excellent and serve to stop the lead banging against the hook-hold or the fish because it adds enough separation of the rig and lead. I wouldn’t cast a chod rig out without one these days – get on ’em!

Marc’s verdict: Perfect for the job in hand, well made and decent value.

RRP: £2.29 per pack

FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO: www.esp-carpgear.com

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