Monday, 01 September 2014 09:06

Gardner GT80+

When I opened the small box that contained this line there was a note inside from TC editor Marc Coulson, which explained that this line was bulletproof.
In fact, Marc said he rated it as one of the strongest lines he’d ever used and he’d deliberately sent it to me following a telephone conversation where I’d enquired about strong lines.

So, after a couple of months using it, would I agree with him? Absolutely!

The lake I fish is pretty weedy and this, plus the naturals that abound in it, put any main line under immense scrutiny. So far, where I’d expect to change the last few metres of any line after almost every trip, this has stood up much better than most.

The spool I received was 12lb and, while it feels quite thick, it casts relatively well. That said, I would not recommend it as a casting line, but if you want something strong, abrasion resistant and reliable, I honestly couldn’t fault it.

Verdict: Extremely robust and reliable mono line. I really rate it.

RRP: £19.99


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