Monday, 01 September 2014 09:01

Korda Krank Hook Range

Having been developed and stringently tested by Korda’s product-development guru Tom Dove, the Krank hook range has been designed taking the best bits from some classic carp hooks and amalgamating them.
The result is a strong-wired hook, with an aggressive sweeping shank to improve its turning ability. Couple this with a huge gape for improved hooking and an offset point to keep the hook planted during a hard fight, and you have a brilliant addition to Korda’s illustrious range.

Tom is known for his simple rigs and the Krank certainly maintains this ethos because a simple knotless-knot presentation will get the best from the hook. Available in a huge size 2 all the way up to a more delicate size 10, why not get yourself a packet and give them a try? (MH)

RRP: £3.99

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