Wednesday, 23 July 2014 08:34

Delkim Smart Clip

I’ve been using this unique and interesting clip for approaching a year and I'm smitten.
As well as a pair of conventional line clips, the centre of the body features spring-loaded ball bearings that the line can easily pull into. This combination gives multiple options in terms of the line’s tension. I’ve only felt the need to use it in either the clip or the ball bearings, never both, but it can be done if you want.

Using a rubber O ring to attach quickly and simply to any area of the butt section, it can also be moved up and down the blank to any position you want. This is the clever bit for me, because by moving the Smart Clip right up towards the alarms I can virtually negate the weight of my bobbin yet still have it attached. This is a big edge when fishing slack lines. Shifting the Smart Clip back brings you back to a convention situation.

There’s only one really small gripe and that is that the Smart Clip needs to be moved round to the back of the blank when casting. This may not be the case with all rods (they universally fit any rod, by the way) but it is the case with mine. That said, moving it around the blank is obviously really easy and you can do it with one hand, so this isn’t an issue… unless you forget to do it.

For more details go to: www.delkim.co.uk
Price: £14.99

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