Tuesday, 24 June 2014 14:36

Gardner Covert Pop-Up Hook Aligners

TC reader Jamie Walters says: "When these first arrived I wasn’t entirely sure what they were, but a quick look at the rear of the packet and it became clear.
"I received two sizes, presumably for different-sized hooks, but I found that the larger size was the only one that I really needed: a size 6 or 8 being my most preferred hook. The smaller version looked a little too small for any hooks that I use.

"They fit easily enough, but you must remember to thread on a rig ring first, which I omitted to do on several occasions when first using them, which is really annoying. Once I’d cracked that I found them quite handy and it certainly removes the need for tying fiddly D-rig knots. I’m not saying that these have changed my life, far from it, but they are very handy items, especially if you struggle to tie pop-up rigs."

RRP: £2.99

FOR MORE DETAILS GO TO: www.gardnertackle.co.uk

Handy if you struggle to tie pop-up rigs.

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