Monday, 02 June 2014 15:40

Fox Black Label Slik Bobbins

TC reader Sam Rafferty from London says: "I wasn’t sure I liked these when they first arrived, although I was grateful for being sent something to review that was made by such a top company as Fox.
"The Slik clip is very different from those I’ve been used to, so I wasn’t convinced they’d be for me. However, once I started using them I found them extremely easy to get on with and have had nothing but good to say about them since.

"The colour (more akin to a Korda green) wouldn’t be my first choice because I have all-blue LEDs on my alarms, but that’s not such a big deal, or is it? I note from Fox’s website that you can get blue versions, so I might have to sell this set to my mate and buy some of those instead!

"There’s plenty of room in the head for an isotope, although I find those far too expensive so don’t bother with one, and I really like the short ball-chain style. Thankfully, there is a hockey stick included because the bobbin thread does not fit my Solar hockey stick. It seems to be specifically designed to work only with the Fox Black Label version, which is a shame. I use stainless buzz bars and the black hockey stick doesn’t quite look right."

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Web: www.foxint.com
Price: £9.99

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