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Brilliant product range! Lets have a look.........



Four patterns make up the range of Turning Point hooks, all of which possess sharp points and dull coating, and each has its specific purpose. Our favourite is the SF Longshank Curved, which is as close to the brilliant, but now sadly defunct, 360 pattern from JRC.

The SF Curved, which comes in barbed and barbless, in a classic short, swept-shank pattern with absolutely loads of uses. A genuine all-rounder, you could feasibly go fishing with any baits using just this one pattern.

The SF Straight Point offers exactly that, along with a straight eye, making it ideal for use with mono and fluorocarbon lines, while the SF Wide Gape completes the collection. This one is a traditional wide-gape design with a slightly inturned eye, beaked point and medium shank. They’re all sharp straight from the packet and feel pretty strong, although some time out on the bank will be the true test.



To say there is a large variety of options in this coated-braid hook link would be a huge understatement, with a whopping 18 listed on the Spotted Fin website. To be fair, they can be broken down into semi stiff or soft, in three colours, and then your choice of breaking strains, so it’s not exactly confusing.

Although we’ve not had any out on the bank yet, our initial bench tests have been pretty impressive. Easy to strip coating, rugged inner braid and discreet colour variations all add up to a pretty decent hook link, with the semi stiff in 25lb particularly catching mine and Dan’s eye.



Two colours make up the new SF Putty ‘range’, namely Weed Green and Gravel Brown. I don’t think the colour of your rig putty makes a jot of difference, but that’s up to you to decide for yourselves. Both seem pretty unobtrusive, though, and, as the label suggests, each is ‘super sticky’. I prefer a less sticky puttybecause it suggests a high wax content when it’s this soft and malleable, but I know the vast majority of anglers reading this will prefer otherwise, in which case this will be right up your street.



There’s only so much you can say about shrink tube, but there are two key properties that the best ones possess. First, they must obviously shrink quickly when steamed; this might sound obvious but if this shrinking is consistent and significant then you have a good one. Secondly, once steamed it needs to maintain its stiffness, or you may as well use silicone tubing. This one ticks both boxes and is available in two colours and two diameters. Therefore, it gets my nod. (MC)

PROS - All the rig bits you’ll ever need CONS - Putty is a bit too tacky


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