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Sonik Dominator X

We delve into the details of an exciting new launch from kingpins of the rod market (BF)



Sonik entered the UK carp scene several years ago with a market sweeping range of rods that sold like hot cakes and pinned the brand firmly on the map for offering exceptional rods as a superb price. You could buy a set of three rods for the price of two in tackle shops across the country and we’re told that their latest release that comes in the shape of the Dominator X will be available under the same deal so keep an eye out for these in your local tackle shop if you’re looking for a new set of rods on an irresistible deal! The Dominator X is made to a luxurious standard utilising premium carbon for enhanced casting accuracy and improved playing action. The fittings are top draw too, including a Fuji 18mm DPS reel seat, finished in a tremendously slick gloss black and SIC guides are used throughout including an anti-frap tip ring to reduce crack-offs when giving it the big guns. On the blank, a satisfying high modulus 1k carbon weave flows across the butt section proving additional strength and a visually pleasing appearance. The graphics are understated and look just how you’d like them too, providing a premium feel to the package and the line clip is soft and non-abrasive ensuring your line never gets damaged within its grip. On the grip section, you’ll find a sleek Japanese shrink wrap handle that rounds off an impressive rod on the eye. In terms of performance, we’re told they pack a punch to with the ability to launch PVA bags tremendous distances in testing they look set to be the perfect all round rod for looks, performance and value for money in 2018. The rods are available in an array of test curves and lengths ranging from 10ft rods that are perfect fort he roving angler all the way up to 13ft powerhouses that are designed as hardcore casting rods. You’ll even find a dual purpose spod and marker rod in the range so that all bases are covered and there’s a rod for pretty much every carp angler on the planet available from the Dominator X collective.



Sonik is not the first brand that comes to mind when you think about reels, however, this impressive new launch is set to change the common consensus we think they’ve smashed it with a superb offering in the shape of this black beauty! Couple the impressive image with the fact that it will be selling for a touch under £80; the all-new Dominator X 8000 becomes a seriously interesting product! When we first saw the unveiling of this reel at Sonik’s tradeshow during the latter part of 2017 it was remarkable how everyone’s jaw dropped when we were told the price of it. We have no idea how they’ve made such a competitively priced reel feel so good in your hand, but they have and this truly is a superb piece of kit for the money. The lightweight graphite body has been partnered with a long cast aluminum spool that will handle over 400m of 0.40mm line, boasting substantial line capacity for use in the UK, whilst ensuring there’s still plenty in the tank for use abroad when fishing larger continental waters. Super slow oscillation provides exceptional line lay, which boasts extreme casting abilities when coupled with the large capacity long cast spool. There are very few reels on the market today with super slow oscillation and line lay of this caliber for the price this thing is being sold at, it’s very impressive when put in perspective. Sonik has added yet another high-end feature into this exceptional value reel and that comes in the form of their unique, Quick Torque drag system, which ensures you remain in total control when playing fish allowing you to adjust the drag from a free running spool to a tight clutch with a simple and quick turn of the drag cap. On the inside, you’ll find a stainless steel worm shaft, 5 shielded stainless steel ball bearings and a roller bearing to ensure the smooth movement of revolving parts, completed with a 4.1:1 gear ratio that provides mega cranking power. For a visually pleasing effect and to mirror the impressive image of the Dominator X rods, the reel boasts a very sleek all-black finish, complete with a wooden handle grip to give an extra touch of class and the whole packages weighs in at a feather-light 635g.


Ben Francis’s verdict “An Impressive Rod and Reel combo, great performance for the money”



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