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The first set of digital scales I ever tested were made by Fox and, while they were entirely new and took some getting used to, I kind of liked them.

It didn’t take long, however, for me to return to a traditional dial scale and I’ve not paid digital scales much attention ever since.
However, these new digis from Fox arrived with a request to review them, so I took a closer look.
They’re extremely easy to set up and, even better, are quick and easy to zero once the weigh sling has been hung on them. This saves valuable time and fiddling about, trust me.
There’s also a button to allow a quick switch from pounds to kilograms and back again and the backlight is also a nice additional touch.
They weigh up to 132lb, so you’re never going to bottom these out, and each set comes complete with a clip-on hard case to protect them. I also like the new, more compact design, meaning they take up very little room in your carryall.
Two AA batteries are needed, but they’re easy to get hold of, which is an important factor, although battery life is excellent. (MC)
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