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Tuesday, 26 September 2017 11:59


Retainer slings are by no means a new evolution in carp fishing; in fact, they have been used for many years and often star in a fair few heated debates.

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Well, here is the most thought out, hi-tech and proactive sling we have seen with regard to a company actually thinking about fish health and welfare. This is an industry first, we believe; a retaining sling complete with an integrated waterproof oxygen pump.

The idea behind this item is that the warmer the water and more weed present will strip oxygen from the body of water, therefore making it harder for the carp to recover after a strenuous battle in such conditions. The waterproof pump, which runs on 1.5V batteries, sits safely nestled away in the top of theretainer in a purpose-built holder and the supplied air line and air diffuser will sit at the bottom of the sling producing tiny bubbles of vital oxygen for the carp to take in.

The retainer is just as good as the previous products we have seen from the team at Chub. It features four strong carry handles and reinforced webbing weigh strip complete with metal rings, allowing the scales to sit perfectly in the centre every time, should you wish to weigh them from this item.

Reflective material on each corner allows the user to always have a visible indicator of where the sling is for the short period it is in use, and a supplied, strong, hi-viz orange cord can be safely and easily attached to a bankstick thanks to the brass thread attached. Full-length floats keep the retainer sling sitting proudly in the water and with separation bars you can rest assured that your quarry will have ample room to recover without the sides closing in on it. The bottom of the sling also benefits from mesh, which allows water to drain out fast and efficiently.

All in all, this is a fantastic product. However, just because you have an air supply, we would urge anglers not to keep carp in this for any real period of time. Simply get yourself relaxed, prepare your photo equipment and try to deal with the carp as quickly as possible. These are not designed as long-term carp sacks.






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