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Being a night-themed issue, we thought it would be relevant to cover a suitable unhooking mat that not only offers the carp oodles of protection but is also complete with an array of features that benefit the angler, making for an efficient and, most importantly, safe carp-care experience.

With five centimetres of luxuriously padded base and walls the Oval Mat gives ample protection and is large enough to hold carp in excess of 40lb. A mesh cover allows you to leave the carp for a short period if you need to set your self-timer or grab your headtorch, safe in the knowledge that the carp is safe. The mesh also allows you to pour water over the carp to keep it in a healthy state while trying to keep stress to a minimum.

the carp to keep it in a healthy state while trying to keep stress to a minimum. Plus it’s a useful addition when the sun is bright and conditions are hot. With a handy side pocket and elastic straps, you can easily keep your carp-care products and forceps close to hand. Each corner boasts a metal D ring so you can securely peg it down should the weather take a turn for the worse. Boasting a neoprene kneeling mat, neoprene carry handle and carry case, you can easily transport, use and pack away the mat with minimal fuss and mess. (DM)




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