Monday, 20 June 2016 13:41


As with any outdoor activity, conservation is important with regard to protecting the future of our hobby and fish care is paramount to the success and prosperity of carp angling.

The new Intensive Care from Gardner is designed with protection and care in mind. Created to provide a complete care system that carp anglers can quickly and easily apply when out on the bank was key. With a highly active antifungal and antibacterial formula, Intensive Care penetrates easily and begins working immediately to fight infection and speed up the important stage of recovery.

It can be applied on hook-holds, sores, lifted scales, spawning damage, wounds and infection. The treatment can be applied on any area of concern but please refrain from spraying the formula directly on the fish gills and avoid any contact with your mouth and eyes. Supplied in an easy to use spray bottle, there is no excuse not to have one kicking around to help protect and treat your quarry for future generations. (DM)



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