Thursday, 15 December 2016 17:23

AQUA PRODUCTS Roving Unhooking Mat And Compact Weigh Sling

 Travelling light has always been deemed as an aspect for river anglers or dedicated bank crawlers awaiting a stalking opportunity, well I think this is as far from the truth as it could be. Of course, it is more essential for such anglers but, no matter where you fish, what you fish for, or how long your next session is, the lighter you are, the more mobile and adaptable you can be and it’s better to be prepared than not. Carp care is paramount whether you travel light or take everything including the kitchen sink. As part of the established Atom Concept range, this lightweight unhooking mat provides a compact fish-care solution utilising the best materials available. Boasting a deep foam section protected from the Aquatexx material the mat takes no time to dry, reducing the risk of disease transfer. A built-in retaining flap ensures you can keep the carp under control and two large elastic loops allow you to compact the mat into an easily transportable product. So the fish has been unhooked and is now ready for weighing; this is where the compact folding version of the popular and Aqua Products’ existing best-selling sling comes into play. Utilising the highly durable and performance-grade Aquatexx material the Compact Weigh Sling is fast drying, fish friendly and can be ingeniously folded in half to save on space, measuring a compact 550mm x 100mm. Heavy-duty webbing handles and a lightweight carry sleeve ensure this is a product built to last, capable for use with large carp and will eradicate transferring mucus and odour onto your other tackle when in transit. We must express this is not a carp retaining sling in any sense of the word, it’s designed for weighing and returning fish immediately to reduce handling, keeping your quarry in immaculate condition. (DM)

£34.99 and £46.99


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