This is the perfect tool for air-drying bait, whether it’s for a few days in the UK or to simply stow away for a week in France. We have all reached for the boilie air-dry bag, only to discover a hole the size of your fist and half the contents missing courtesy of rodents or bird life. Well not any more, this is the most advanced rodent and bird-resistant air-drying system available.

Here we have two lightweight, extremely versatile bivvies finished in the unique Fox camou pattern, making for what is not only a fully functional, all-encompassing fishing shelter but also an extremely aesthetically pleasing one too.

We got our hands on the exciting new S6 rods from Sonik, so we thought we’d better take a look.

There is no disputing the pedigree of Shimano and its wide range of reels. The big and medium Baitrunners are back and they are fully stocked with the best technology that this prestigious company is renowned for.

We take a look at the new 2017 range of women’s clothing from the Navitas stable.

Over the last two months I have been using the Technium Mono, and to great effect I might add.  

We take a look at the new force in carp fishing rod technology, the Sonik Vader X.



Summer is here and there is no disputing the need for cool tootsies when out on the bank or walking around the pool on holiday.

Both Sliders combine the comfort of slippers with the functionality and versatility of sandals. A wide, ultra-comfortable fit and floating design result in a lightweight footwear solution perfect for getting in and out of the margins as and when needed. The only difference between the two variants we can see is the adjustable Velcro band that allows the user to tighten or loosen them for a perfectly tailored fit. Unquestionably more stylish than Crocs and the perfect treads for summer angling.

Flipflop 2

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Flipflop velcro 1

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If you are like me and a little more reserved, trainers are the way to go, not to mention more practical when it comes to climbing trees and walking around the venue. Available in either green, or black and camou with subtle branding and water-resistant suede upper, these trainers also boast impressive grip for help in wet and dry conditions. Available in an array of sizes, these have to be considered by all anglers looking for new shoes this summer!

Trainers 4

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We have a closer look at the exciting new clothing releases from Aqua Products. Stylish, fresh and comfortable, we are sure these are set to be a success.

Retainer slings are by no means a new evolution in carp fishing; in fact, they have been used for many years and often star in a fair few heated debates.

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