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Tuesday, 12 September 2017 15:26


This has to be the ultimate long-session shelter, perfect for socials on the bank whether it’s for a few days in the UK or a week in France. The inside of the Superdome is like the TARDIS. With room for three bedchairs, there is ample room for the angler who likes to take all their gear plus the kitchen sink.

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With total through access through the door at the front and back, this is perfect for a flow of traffic should it be necessary and also for gaining access to the dual rod straps at front and rear. These are fantastic features, allowing storage of a number of rods, such as spod and Markers.

It incorporates huge mozzie vents in the front to keep out the creepy-crawlies, plus a window in the back door providing free airflow ventilation for those warmer sessions.

The dual-zipped doors allow you to create a letter-box opening, keeping you sheltered from the elements, and allows you to batten down the hatches should you need to but still allowing you to view the lake.

The Superdome comes supplied with a tension strap, full frame support system (including two bars on peak and rear), ideal for those breezy sessions when that extra support is needed, a clear window for the front door allowing you to view the lake from the comfort and protection of the dome, an oversized heavy-duty carry bag, heavy-duty groundsheet and heavy-duty T-pegs.

This is a fantastic social bivvy with bedroom or full inner capsule system plus full winter wrap. The guys at Trakker really have thought outside the box and covered all bases.

W 380 x D 370 x H 190 centimetres




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