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Saber Supra Lite Bivvy Review

The Saber Supra Lite Bivvy is built using a 2-rib frame making it lightweight and easy to set up, this is perfect for day sessions and even overnighters. Other distinct advantages of the Saber Supra Lite bivvy is due to its lightweight nature the Supra Lite is ideal for the angler on the move, with a zip off infill panel this also gives you the option to use the Bivvy as a shelter. Having this option means you can zip the front of and enjoy those session taking in the views by the lake.

Saber Bivvy three TC

The Supra Lite bivvy has a peaked front and comes supplied with groundsheet, helping to protect you from the elements. With its heavy-duty eyelets and pegs, along with a locking frame support system this Bivvy is built to withstand both wet and windy conditions. Also located at the front of the peak is a Velcro strap for securing rods, this is a great addition to the Supra Lite making it easy for the angler to secure a rod in place whilst attaching a rig, lead or to secure a spod rod in place.

Saber Bivvy two TC

The Saber Bivvy comes in a compact 'Heavy Duty' carryall with handles, making it easy for both storage and transportation. Overall the Saber Supra Light Bivvy offers both great performance, as well as value for money. 

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