Wednesday, 23 October 2013 10:01

Fox Mr+ and MXr+ Remote Bite Alarms

I had a sneak preview of these alarms around a year ago, when they were still in the early stage of development. At first I liked the compact heads, dedicated remote and the eye-catching orange presentation box.
I’ve seen hundreds of sets of remote alarms, though, so was only so impressed by what at first seemed yet another, albeit made by Fox, obvious bonus. However, when I learnt their prospective prices I was gobsmacked. A fully wireless remote system, made by Fox, and boasting reliable electronics for between £199 and £299 for three-rod presentation sets was nothing short of spectacular.

The finished versions duly arrived and I managed a closer look. The MXr+ and Mr+ each boast Fox’s I-Com technology, D-Tec sensing system and full waterproof sealing, features more usually associated with their far more expensive models. Both were extremely easy to sync to the receiver and I also liked the fact that they run off AA batteries, which are far more readily available than 9V or the little camera-style batteries that some alarms run off.

Early tests suggest that Fox’s claim of over 200 metres of range are not exaggerated and the Dual-Step Sensitivity Control on the more expensive MXr+ also works extremely well. Each alarm has been made available in two, three and four-rod presentation sets, which as well as the alarms and receiver also include hard cases. That’s exceptional value for what first appear excellent alarms. We’ll be testing them a lot further on the bank over the coming months and will report back, but for now I reckon they are going to prove extremely popular with the angler who wants the best possible performance but within reach of the more modest budget. The Essex-based tackle giant has once again produced a showstopper – 2013 has definitely been the year of the Fox so far!

Price: £159.99 to £374.99

website: www.foxint.com

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