Boilies are without question one of the most heavily used baits in modern carp fishing, and Ian Russell is on hand to explain why, and how to get the most from these versatile balls of nutrition. 

With short sessions firmly in our minds we wanted to take a closer look at the newly launched Road Trip bedchair from the boys at Avid Carp.

Our editor, Marc Coulson, is quite a harsh critic when it comes to certain tackle items and sleeping bags are often hard pressed to impress him.

Nevertheless, when he checked out these three new bags from Avid Carp, at its recent autumn trade and press event, he was immediately impressed.
Here’s what Marc had to say: “Obviously, you can only truly test a sleeping bag out on the bank, in the conditions for which it is designed. However, initial impressions of the new Arctic series are extremely good.
“I was immediately drawn to the top-of-the-range Extreme Down model. It resembles something that’s more akin to the camping and trekking markets and is a little different in its ‘mummy’ style and high-spec fill, compared with what you may normally expect from a fishing sleeping bag. I am not surprised that somebody like Avid’s Jon Jones has come up with this one because, like me, he believes that many specialised products should be led by specialist markets.
“Fair enough, it’s a little bit pricey at £250, but it will definitely appeal to the really serious winter angler who requires a bag that performs at the highest level and still packs away into a light and compact package.
“The two more conventional bags are also impressive and boast several nice features. These will be extremely popular indeed.
“The mid-weight 3 Season is roomy and a great option for those who don’t fish right into the depths of winter, or at least not at night.
“Meanwhile, the big daddy 5 Season version is the bells-and-whistles bag that will cover all eventualities. I love the fact that none of the bags have a fleece lining, which is something that I absolutely cannot abide. These bags have lots to offer and there is definitely one in the range to suit everybody.”
High praise indeed from Marc; no doubt we’ll be seeing a lot more of these bags in future issues.

At a glance…
Avid Arctic Series Sleeping Bags
3 SEASON £89.99; 5 SEASON £149.99; EXTREME DOWN £249.99
For more information go to: www.avidcarp.com
TC comment: Something here for everyone, and all packed with features

Max Hendry’s verdict... 'Bulletproof and a pleasure to use'.
Marc Coulson’s verdict... Easy to use and extremely reliable.
Foldout carp unhooking mat that works similarly to a lightweight camping bed.
Top safety bead for chod fishing on a leader or direct on your main line.
The unique design of the frame means it can be completely folded away for easy storage. 

Innovative weigh sling featuring a unique use of magnets to eliminate the need for zips.

Aquiver system remains the preferred mode of rod transport for many anglers, largely thanks to its adaptability and versatility.
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