Making its debut launch into the world of terminal tackle, the innovative and dedicated team at RidgeMonkey is pleased to give us the very first look at an exciting new range of lines coming this season.

The guys at Mainline are always looking at ways to help us put more fish on the bank and the exciting Power+ Particle range is a little different, enhanced and activated with a choice of three feed-inducing stimulants: Multi-Stim, Cell and Essential Cell!

• 2kg of highly attractive and effective feed-stimulating mix
The Cell needs little introduction and comes with a fantastic track record.
• Superb winter hook baits and cold-water-friendly liquids
Activ-8 has repeatedly outdone itself, with a string of big-fish captures, not to mention the countless other carp that it has banked. It is one of the best carp catchers around.
• Buoyant, dumbbell-shaped hook baits
Much is written about Mainline’s legendary boilies, including such greats as Grange, Activ-8 and, currently, Cell, which have dominated waters for many years. However, browse the Essex-based company’s website and you will see that there is so much more to the Mainline range than just boilies. One area where there is a huge selection of bait-boosting products is liquids.
• Bright baits packed with the same quality Hybrid flavour and attractors as the boilies
This is one of those products that I used years ago, then stopped and then rediscovered more recently. Throughout winter it made the perfect addition to a solid PVA bag, injected into the dry bags via a needle and syringe. I also used it last summer as a soak for my surface mixers and pellets.
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TC 770 x 210 subs ban

TC 770 x 210 subs ban

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