It’s that time of year where the weed in many lakes is at its highest. However, according to KARL PITCHER, it’s easier to overcome than you might think.

It’s that time of year again and MARK PITCHERS makes the most of it with some surface fishing action at a stunning complex of Bedfordshire lakes.

ALEX GRICE met up with DAVE GASKIN at the famous Wellington Country Park to talk big-carp tactics and his approach on the pressured venue

Brand new this month, we see two intriguing liquids hit the shelves in the shape of the Tuna L030, which is better than the original L030, and Liquid Tuna Extract.
These 8mm pop-ups are unflavoured and come in a pot containing seven hi-viz colours.
• Highly attractive, ready to use, stick/bag mix
I’ve been sent a few bags of this wonderfully smelling bait and I’m absolutely smitten with it.

The unmistakable aroma reminds me of an ingredient in a bait that I’ve tested before but which I cannot quite put my finger on. Whatever the case, breaking one open reveals plenty of ingredients and further releases its distinctive smell.

A bait’s smell isn’t everything, of course, but I reckon the Equinox is well set to add to CC Moore’s already hugely successful line-up of baits. It’s certainly been doing the business already for the team of testers, including TC regular Matt Jackson.

More reviews are to come as I get it out on the bank, and don’t miss our free taster pack of Equinox bottom baits on the cover of the February issue of Total Carp.

Website: www.ccmoore.com

Krill is very much the in vogue bait right now and this liquid additive is up there with the best krill around.
Indefinitely buoyant pop-ups,
Milk-protein-based pellets with a subtle creamy flavour.
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