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Total Bait: June '11

We review some of the best carp catchers that money can buy.

Mixed Combo Pellet
Description: If you’re looking for a large mixture of pellets, Kent Particles has the solution. With good nutritional levels and a variety of shapes, sizes and flavours, it’s a winner. They prove excellent in PVA bags and work well in a spod mix.
RRP: From £7
Contact: Kent Particles on 01202 487922 or www.kentparticles.co.uk

Northern Specials Enhancer Liquid
Description: Glugging your hook baits or pop-ups is a well-known tactic and CC Moore has released a 250ml bottle of the same blend of fruit flavours that are included in the Gaz Fareham-designed Northern Specials hook baits. These are attractive in their own right, but with a glug of liquid they become almost irresistible.Recommended usage of 20ml to 30ml per kilo.
RRP: £10.99
Contact: CC Moore on 01963 362234 or www.ccmoore.com

Vor-tex Boilies 1kg Freezer Baits
Description: Vor-tex is the brand-new boilie range from Sticky Baits and it’s supplied in the newly designed packaging. If it’s as good as Sticky’s Bloodworm baits then it will definitely be a winner.
RRP: £10.99
Contact: Sticky Baits on 01430 448 322 or www.stickybaits.com

Flavoured Corn
Description: Sweetcorn is arguably one of the best carp catchers around and Big Bob’s Tackle & Baits has taken it a step forward by colouring and adding flavours to its sweetcorn, giving it extra attraction and a subtle edge.
RRP: £3.49
Contact: Big Bob’s Tackle & Baits on 01603 754844 or www.bigbobstackleandbaits.co.uk
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