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Total Bait: Mar '11

We review some of the best carp catchers that money can buy.

Method Mix
Description: A combination of high-quality ingredients that have been crushed together to produce an incredible Method mix. The aniseed groundbait can be dampened and moulded around a feeder. Once in the water the mix will break down quickly, leaving an attractive bed of food.
RRP: £4.99
Contact: 01603 754844
Website: www.bigbobstackleandbaits.co.uk

Bloodworm Groundbait
Description: An attractive groundbait that’s great for creating small PVA sticks, or for adding to your spod mix. It’s been flavoured with bloodworm to give it a unique aroma that carp find irresistible. Available in 5kg, 10kg and 25kg buckets.
RRP: From £12.50
Contact: 01202 487922
Website: www.kentparticles.co.uk

Growler Juice
Description: Growler Juice is a refined version of the sweet, sticky liquid that is given off by tiger nuts during cooking. It’s great for adding to PVA bags or spod mixes, especially if the water you’re targeting has a ban on tiger nuts.
RRP: £9.99
Contact: 01689 827489
Website: www.solartackle.co.uk

Sardine & Anchovy Range
Description: This boilie range is made using sardine and anchovy meal, which are both high in protein. An added boost of green-lipped mussel gives the bait its distinctive colour and an added kick. The bait is full of attractors that will draw carp into your swim. The range boasts boilies, pop-ups and liquids.
RRP: From £5.99
Contact: 0115 989 4050
Website: www.dynamitebaits.com
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