Friday, 03 February 2017 09:42

TRAKKER Pureflo Bait Filter System

You might have seen this handy little product being bandied around over social media lately but for those of you who haven’t, what exactly is it?

To be used in conjunction with the seperate 17-litre, olive, square container, the inner bucket complete with drainage holes has its own handle. So imagine you want to soak your particles, wash out your boilies, or perhaps you have arrived at the lake with your spod mix full of all the liquid goodness you added along the way. When it comes to spodding this can very easily become messy and water adds a huge weight to whatever baiting device you are casting, of course.
Well now you can simply lift the inner bucket to begin the draining process and by turning the bucket it will safely sit on the edge of the large outer container, which will catch all that important liquid, leaving you a dryer and easy bait to handle – less mess, less fuss.

We love the fact that the Pureflo is a multifunctional device. You can use it to carry your bait to and from your swim safe in the knowledge that it will be protected in transit, which is particularly good when you have particles soaking away. Also, by retaining the extremely attractive liquid you now have a vessel to hydrate air-dried boilies or to soak pellets in, which of course can be drained away, leaving you to quickly get your bait out without dripping liquid all over the swim and, more importantly, your lines.
For the cynics out there, yes it is a bucket, in a nutshell, but one with multiple uses that can really streamline your chosen baiting approach. (DM)

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