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When the development team at Nutrabaits decided to combine the awesome sweet Nutraspice and Spice Cajouser together it was only destined for great things. The extra addition of Multimino, small amounts of human-food-grade preservatives into a highly digestible, mid-protein HNV mix with bird seed make this: “Our favourite cold weather bait” as stated by Nutrabaits consultants. Orange in colour, it works best when fed little and often throughout the swim and has accounted for some huge carp captures right here in the UK and widespread across Europe. As you would expect, other than the 400g, 1kg and 5kg shelf-life readymades, pop-ups, bait soak and sprays are also available. A great little addition that I really loved was the fact that each pot of dedicated hook baits comes with a free pack of Taska bait screws. Now that’s forward thinking! (DM)

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