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We take a look at the range of hooks from Reuben Heaton, the only ones on the market using surgically sharpened technology. TroKar uses special and proprietary high-carbon steel called Q741. This unique blend was specially created for the hook range. (RS)

Magnum Wide Gape £TBC On first impressions these hooks are extremely sharp; in fact, every one out the packet is sticky sharp. They are available in size 2, 4, 6 and 8, (6 and 8 barbless) and would suit PVA bag tactics perfectly. A variety of sizes means that there is something in the range for everyone.

Magnum Curved Shank £TBC With five hook patterns in the TroKar Magnum carp range, and supplied in quantities of 10, the Curved Shank is perfect for using with a traditional knotless knot. With the eyes being epoxy sealed and a PTFE coating, you can fish with complete confidence. Available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8, (6 and 8 barbless).

Magnum Chod £TBC These have the widest range of sizes available, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, (5 and 6 barbless). With an aggressive point and out-tuned eye, these razor-sharp hooks will be a great asset to your tackle box armoury. The three-sided symmetrical point of the hook makes the process for sharpening easier by simply following the contours of the hook.

Magnum Heavy Duty £TBC The surgically sharpened technology creates a precision ground, triple-sided point that penetrates with as little as half the pressure as other hooks and this pattern is sure to nail you a few carp. Available in sizes 1, 2, 4 and 6.

Magnum Long Shank £TBC Available in sizes 2, 4, 6 and 8 (6 and 8 barbless), these have a shorter hook point than most long shank hooks. However, with the special and unique hook point ratio that has been specifically designed for its technique, it is a pattern that is sure to up your hooked-to-landed ratio and would suit blow-back presentations seamlessly.

TAKE NOTE! Currently, each of the above hooks are retailing at £6.99 but with the value of the dollar set to change so may the price!


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Unique cryogenic manufacturing
Super-strong wire without upping thickness
Stiff Rigger ideal for chod rigs
Ten per pack



The Tackle Box’s Lee Jackson says: I’m always interested when a new range of hooks comes onto the market, although generally a bit disappointed when they resemble patterns that are already available.

Extra-thick-gauge hooks

Tried and trusted Wide Gape pattern

Inturned eye and beaked point

Ideal for big fish and abroad



There is no shortage of good hooks available to the modern carp angler and in these, Prologic has raised its own bar significantly.

Dan Murrell’s verdict - I’m looking forward to further tests with these.

With the trend for sharpening hooks, we often argue in the office as to whether, when you’re paying £3 to £5 a packet, you sould have to sharpen them.

It’s always a pleasure making my annual trip to the ESP headquarters in Oxfordshire, but when I headed down there earlier this year it was with a particular feeling of anticipation.

THE TACKLE BOX’S LEE JACKSON SAYS: I must admit to being highly delighted when this range of hooks was reintroduced to the market, albeit under the new Carp Spirit banner. I’d been using these for quite a while when, unfortunately, they became unobtainable, which is most annoying when you find something that you like and are confident in.

Made from the highest-grade Japanese carbon steel and finished in a non-reflective PTFE coating, these hooks have a microbarb, are ultra-sharp straight from the well-designed protective box that they come in and maintain their sharpness even after a number of uses. My favourite pattern, and the one I’ve used most, is the Medium Curve Shank. The other patterns that we stock are the Short Curve Shank and Boilie Beak Point. If, like me, you like a reliable hook that doesn’t need sharpening straight from the packet, then these are for you. 

LEE JACKSON’s VERDICT “A great product that has returned to the market.” 7/10



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